Malguard Services Collaborates on Book Publishing Deal to Create the Definitive Book on Hacking

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Malguard Services Book Deal and Hacme Challenge: $10,000 to be awarded to those able to complete the Hacme Challenge and if their foo is chosen for the book.

we were in computer security before it became so cool.

Malguard Services is collaborating on a book publishing deal to create the definitive book on hacking. As part of the book, Malguard Services wants to illustrate the best of the best in the hacking world...the best hackers, the most elite hacks, and the state of the true hacker underground.

The main audience will be IT Security professionals, but the book should appeal to senior management, non-technical, and non-security professionals as well. So far, no one has been successful in hacking Malguard Services' Hacme Contest machine. Even if a contestant's foo isn't up to the challenge, but has been able to hack other difficult networks, Malguard Services invites them to share past experiences and have the chance to earn big money.

Rules / Information

E-mail contact information and hack (prior to October 1st, 2005) proof and details. It will be reviewed and, if worthy, selected for the book. If an entrant's foo is chosen for a chapter in the book, he or she will be paid $5,000.

Bonus: If the entrant is able to complete the Hacme challenge and their foo is chosen for a chapter in the book, they will be paid $10,000.

Legal Disclaimer: This offer is valid only for hacks and hacking activities completed prior to October 1st, 2005. The only exception to this date will be hacks conducted against our Hacme contest machine. Malguard Services is not encouraging any illegal activities, nor will we be a party to them.

Hacme Challenge

Are your skills good enough? Do you think you have what it takes to crack our box at the “L33T L3V3L”? Then step on up boys and girls and try the Hacme Challenge. (script-kiddies, wannabes, and DDOSers need not apply! Only serious hackers please, no lamers or posers!) Successfully hack our special “Hacme” box and you will truly be the elite! Total bragging rights and we will even sweeten the pot with some cool prizes, including cash.

Rules Apply:

1. The Hacme Contest began at 12:00 pm EDT on September 6, 2005.

2. The Contest is held on the following machine: ( 'That's all the info you'll get from us…;)'

3. No other Malguard Systems are part of this contest. Only the system listed above is eligible. By entering this contest, you agree to only target seasprite and understand that you are not authorized to hack any other Malguard system.

4. Contestants must register via email to be eligible for any recognition or prizes. Send name, address, phone number, and email address to: This information will not be shared or sold to others.

5. All prize levels must be verified by Malguard staff prior to issuing any prizes.

6. All activity will be monitored

7. The Hacme box will be taken offline to verify any successful hacks, reconfigured, baselined, and a new contest will begin again at the discretion of Malguard Services. Prizes subject to change.

Prizes Script-Kiddie Level:

A flag (file) must be placed in the /tmp directory of seasprite. Name the file your name. In the file put the same information you used to register for the contest. Prize level - Malguard Logo travel coffee mug (or similar)

Foo-Fighter Level:

A flag (file) added to the /contest directory of seasprite. Name the file your name. In the file put the same information you used to register for the contest. Prize level - Engraved glass award acknowledging your hacking ability.

Uber Level:

Complete rewt ownership of seasprite. Provide md5 hash of the file located in /contest/uber along with your contact information. Name the file your name. Prize level - $5,000.00 cash plus a logo shirt!


Provide a complete network topology map along with any of the above levels and we'll throw in a gift-card for some free coffee.

About Malguard Services:

We are a privately owned, Information Security & Technology firm founded by a team of seasoned security professionals.

Our founding staff is very proud of the fact that “we were in computer security before it became so cool."

Prospective customers will be able to leverage our combined 80 plus years of experience and knowledge in the information security field.

Malguard Services opened for business on September 1, 2005.

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