New 4-Color Breakthrough 140 Inch “Big Screen” T.V. - HIGH DEF. Technology Release At Less Than $1K From Pen Motion Pictures Corp.

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A new breakthrough combination design LCD/DLP, 1920 x 1080 i/p, cable, DVD, PC and Mac input compatible - compact (12 lbs.) home entertainment system, incorporating the additional primary color yellow, was demonstrated in Las Vegas by Pen Motion Pictures Corp… The future of ultra high definition big screen T.V. performance is coming to consumers, with a super affordable - less than $1,000 price tag. Advanced quantum physics based design enabled low costs and is bringing $30,000 system performance plus “the future” of ultra high resolution and other breakthrough benefits to home entertainment customers today.

The worldwide electronics and home entertainment industry was “rocked” late this week by the last minute High Definition advanced technology release and demonstrations of Pen Motion Picture Corp.’s new “game-changer” 140 inch (diag.) screen “digital” mini-projector T.V. home entertainment system prototype technology.

Hot out of development – this ultra high performance breakthrough T.V. system is now prepared to offer home consumers and commercial system users a significant new level of bright/crisp/clear upgraded images in Four (4) primary colors - instead of the current industry’s prior art three (3) color limitation. Plus - 3,500 ANSI lumen performance.

Another admirable plus is this new home entertainment system’s unparalleled 12,000-hour bulb life – eclipsing the current industry systems’ less than 2,000-hour bulb service life. In addition to providing the highest available performance, the new PMP system’s low cost - long life projector bulb eliminates the major problem of continuous heavy bulb replacement expenses involving the costly $350-$1000 bulb changes now being experienced by the prior-art home entertainment equipment system’s users by enabling replacement of their new design bulb (less than $100 cost) 600% less often.

This new evolutionary technology evidently is “not” appearing from Out-of-the Blue – it’s the result of over 30 years of cutting edge advanced R&D industry experience by world renowned maverick atomic physist / scientist and electronic system design engineer Nelson Camus PhD. Dr. Camus began his scientific career by developing a working T.V. station in his cellar at the young age of 17 – in a foreign nation where private telecommunications use and ownership were prohibited. His further study of the phenomena and origin of atmospheric lightning led to his discovery of the exact basis and mechanism that causes lightning – he advanced to develop the super high gain FM “pineapple antenna, worked for various companies, including the CIA – he then was credited w. building and conducting the first cellular phone demonstration in Miami in ’78, he is the inventor of the “Urine” Powered Battery, and other innovative devices, upon making a then thought to be “impossible” successful audio technology demonstration he was commissioned to build Pink Floyd’s secret design audio (sub woofer) speaker technology, in collaboration with MDG their R&D team developed the AC Battery for converting / perfectly synchronizing and scheduling renewable and/or conventional energy generators to the grid for “blackout” prevention plus enabling exclusive discount cost “off-peak” building power operation – from dispatchable “energy storage”. With their breakthrough design energy conversion device, The Mag Amp Genset - designed to capture and lower the power grid’s E.M.F. radiation losses (..the alleged cancer causing component) – it generates to enable increased productivity for electric utility Wind Turbines (preventing the Wind industries’ major problem – no wind intermittency) to supply reliable 100% pollution FREE high quality real time power and/or efficiency recharge their 90% efficient Hybrid ATP Lithium Ion Pb batteries – for later pure wave A.C. power dispatch to cover the daily Peak Demand. …Plus their latest development – the room temp. hyper-conductor enabled “PLASMA INDUCTOR” reduces multiple power-plant air pollution (emissions) and reduces fossil fuel consumption by creating a modified atmosphere to “effect” the combustion air’s normal “fire extinguishing” Nitrogen content – which comprises approximately 78% of the air mass - to optimize and increase combustion system efficiency for both stationary power plants and or any transportation applications requiring combustion air.

Due to PMP’s last minute breakthrough development of the “Neltron” Digital Mini-Projector – finalized only days before this year’s Las Vegas Consumer Electronics Show, the scenario resulted in an inability to successfully prepare a booth and exhibit at the current ‘06 CES.

In order to accommodate interested clients, Pen Motion Picture Corp. executive officers have set up a satellite office at the MIRAGE HOTEL – Room #10089, near the ’06 International CE Show, to enable mini-projector demonstrations and interviews with interested press representatives. PMP officials are currently conducting meetings with consumer electronics distribution companies and have established contacts w. various o.e.m. electronic industry executives – who were significantly impacted with the “news” and now, after seeing the PMP Projector’s specs. and extraordinary picture quality, realize the economic and technological consequences and hurdles they must overcome in order to assure their next year’s HD system sales and maintain profitability. Plus, due to the latest word by friendly industry rep. insiders who (allegedly) reported to PMP officials that a confederation of leading “major” big screen HD companies have already demanded that Texas Instruments (suppliers of the prior-art industry’s DLP component – one potentially used in the PMP system) made attempts to block PMP’s supply of these components). Folks, things are heating up.

If this “big bully” strategy is true, it proves that industry players are very concerned about similar challenges and changes to their future economic status caused by the PEN Corp’s breakthrough home entertainment mini-projector development. This comes along with “news” of their (PMP Corps.) latest already incorporated Hyper-conductor audio technology for high performance upgrade and replacement of prior-art Dolby system technology.

The new mini-projector systems are currently NOT available at retail stores, but are scheduled for availability within several months – pending current manufacturing and distribution meetings and negotiations. For consumers - please check your local newspapers and stores’ advertisements for pending scheduled retail sale costs and system availability.

For additional information on Pen Motion Picture Corp. technologies, or to arrange an executive meeting with PMP officials now visiting the Las Vegas Consumer Electronics Show, or to schedule a press interview w. demonstration, joint venture proposals, licensing, or distribution opportunities please contact Stephen Schwika at 1/570-443-7892 or visit: .


Stephen Schwika, Business Development Manager (for CES Executive Assistance)

Pen Motion Pictures Corp.

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