A Healthy Weight Loss Option for College Students

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Three simple steps can help students avoid rapid weight gain while attending college. Students should exercise regularly, eat healthy, and adhere to a five meal diet plan. Online shopping is a great way to purchase snacks at reduced prices that can be used on the diet plan.

After my first semester at college, I discovered the benefits of nutrition bars and healthy eating habits and eventually noticed an improved body image

There are three simple steps that a student can engage in to avoid rapid weight gain and an unhealthy lifestyle in college. One needs to exercise, eat healthy, and adhere to a diet plan. It is a well-known fact that when many young people head off to college for the first time, they are prone to gain weight and often times lack the discipline or motivation to eat healthy. With the internet becoming a hot bed for exercise equipment and nutritional products, dieting and eating healthy has become an easy endeavor and an attractive option for college students.

Simple alterations to a students’ hectic schedule could aid the constant battle with weight gain and poor health. Instead of taking the bus to go study at the library, one could walk and use a pedometer to monitor the distance. While at the library, a student could bypass the vending machine and bring a nutritious snack instead, like a high protein bar, low carb bar, or an energy drink.

As the last week of the semester approaches and intense studying begins, students should monitor how many times they eat each day, what they eat, and at what time. It has been said that eating big meals once or twice a day is not good for the body. A student should eat five small meals throughout the course of a 24-hour period. For convenience, nutrition bars are a feasible option for mid-morning and afternoon snacks.. Following the five meal plan guideline and engaging in exercise will produce dramatic results. There will be a decrease in the craving of junk foods, a boost in energy, and a noticeable difference in body image.

“After my first semester at college, I discovered the benefits of nutrition bars and healthy eating habits and eventually noticed an improved body image,” says an Indiana University Senior.

Eating properly requires an individual to purchase the right products. However, a lot of college students could claim that it is easier said than done. For most students, every penny counts. Purchasing nutrition bars, vitamin supplements, and health books at traditional stores near the campus is too expensive for students. However, online health and fitness stores are a welcomed alternative. These websites cater to convenience and provide cost-saving options. An added benefit for the college student is that it is also a way to “get some mail”.

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