How to Make Valentine’s Day Your Most Loving Day Ever

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Empowering tips for making Valentine's Day a true day of love from Dr. Scott & Shannon Peck, Co-Founders of TheLoveCenter, a non-profit organization dedicated to raising universal love awareness & creating a world of Love Masters.

Valentine’s Day brings up enormous love emotions. “Will I ever be truly loved?” “Is real love even possible?”

“The number one thing we most want in life has never changed. We want to be loved - richly loved,” say Dr. Scott & Shannon Peck, co-authors of the new book "Love Skills for Personal & Global Transformation: Secrets of a Love Master.

“Rather than waiting for someone else to create intimacy, or feeling bad that you are not being loved as much as you’d like, take the initiative and be the one who creates intimacy and love this year.”

Here are 7 ways to create a “Love Day” on Valentine’s Day – or any day.

1. Ask a love question to friends and even strangers.

Love questions open hearts instantly – and they are fun! No matter who you see today, ask one of these questions: “What is the biggest thing going on in your life right now?” Or, “What’s going on in your heart today? Or, “What are you most passionate about?” When they answer the question – and most will - respond with a listening heart. Say, “Tell me more” or “Thank you for sharing.” Notice how fast intimacy occurs. And notice that it occurred because you took the lead in loving.

2. Share the top 5 ways you are most loveable.

Take a moment and name to yourself your top five qualities – such as humor, insight, joy, intelligence, playfulness, caring, etc. Then exude and radiate these love qualities as your Love Day gifts to everyone you see all day long. Your heart will feel full and satisfied because you are expressing your love self. What is more fulfilling than that?

3. All day long, think of yourself as an energy field of Love.

Be aware of yourself today as an energy field of love. Welcome everyone into your energy field & embrace them with your love. Notice what occurs when others feel your love energy. They feel love’s presence – and all because you are taking the love initiative. Let your energy field of love move out to strangers and people throughout the world who are desperate to feel loved.

4. Call or email the 3 people closest to you and tell them you have a love gift for them.

We are all waiting to be loved. Well, who’s going to do the loving if we’re all waiting? So call or email at least three people you love today and openly tell them three things you most appreciate about them. Speak with sincerity and from the heart. You won’t believe how much they will appreciate your love. And how good you’ll feel being the presence of love.

5. Ask someone you are close to, “What is your biggest dream?”

This is such a powerful way to love someone proactively. Everyone is so busy that we lose touch with our dreams. Who has time to care about our dreams? YOU do! Be bold and ask someone “What are your biggest dreams?” When they share, let them know how much you cherish their dreams. Notice too how much love is flowing back into your life as well! Share your biggest dream too. By the way, what is your biggest dream?

6. All day long, speak from your heart.

Let your heart be in charge today. Speak from your heart rather than your head. Say things like, “It feels good to talk with you” or “I like sharing time with you” or “You mean so much to me.” Let your heart be open. Be the love you so much want to receive.

7. Enjoy being proactive with love.

Dare to love proactively. Doing so takes you out of loneliness, isolation, depression, waiting, and yearning. Proactive love calls you into your highest self and enables you to experience all the love you could ever want. This is the life of a Love Master – an expert in creating a love environment everywhere. Welcome to “Love Day!”

About Dr. Scott & Shannon Peck & TheLoveCenter

Scott & Shannon Peck are Co-Founders of TheLoveCenter, a non-profit organization dedicated to raising universal love awareness and awakening a world of Love Masters. They are authors of many books, including their newest, “Love Skills for Personal & Global Transformation: Secrets of a Love Master .” The official release date for this book in bookstores is September, 2006, but advance copies are available exclusively through TheLoveCenter for Valentine’s Day. Review copies for editors and publishers are also available.

The Pecks are also co-hosts of “Love Talk,” a live, nationwide, call-in, satellite radio show on Sirius, Channel 114 (Lime - Healthy Living with a Twist). They are also inspiring speakers (both are members of the National Speaker's Association).

For more information, including a free and empowering love quiz and a large resource of articles on love and healing, visit. The Pecks are available for radio, TV, or print interviews for Valentine’s Day or throughout the year.


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