Has Dan Brown Lost His Crown?

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Last year saw the runaway success of Dan Brown’s the Da Vinci Code. But already a new book – Secret Revelation by Steve Bell - is taking the world by storm in 2006.

The book has been released for little more than 30 days and already the reviews are telling the story about this new book and new author.

"Being an avid reader of Dan Brown's books I hesitantly veered off course looking for some similar suspense. Best thing I ever did! This book grabbed and then held my attention throughout until the mind-blowing ending. It was so good that I read it in two days. I don't know where this Steve Bell guy has been hiding but the world has found him now. Dan Brown watch out." – Trimaxxpublishers

"I read this book in two sittings. I could not put it down. The plot, pace, action, mystery, and adventure were extremely compelling. I can see this one being a great adventure sci-fi movie. If you like sci-fi and adventure, then this is your book. I could see sequels to this one. The characters grow on you and then they die, and sometimes a very horrible death. This is where I see a Tarantino flare and then the sci-fi mystery has a very Matrix feel to it. It’s a great combination. I highly recommend it if you want something entertaining and engages your mind for a ride you'll not soon forget." – Santa Cruz

Fantastic reviews are flooding in from across the globe as Secret Revelation mania takes off. “Do you know The Secret?” T-Shirts are already prominent in many major cities heralding the new runaway mystery success.

“The book is based upon a dark secret,” says Steve Bell the author. “It’s a huge hook that has people turning the pages. The reviews seem to be telling me that the surprise ending is working.”

The book is flying off the shelves, and the speed and scale of its success has even taken the author by surprise. “I felt I’d written something good, but even I’m surprised, and delighted, by the reviews that are coming in. It’s been compared to The Matrix, Pulp Fiction and very pleasingly for me, even to Art Bell.”

The Chicago review says - "This is really a first-rate "myst-Sci-Fi" thriller. Steve Bell has genuine feel and affection for the sci-fi genre, develops great characters (male and female), has that "page-turner" authorship talent and is just an excellent story teller.

There may be no new plot devices left, as some say, but Steve Bell definitely knows how to use the classic ones. I don't know if the "truth is out there," but Steve Bell sure had me looking!

If you love classic Art Bell listening, you will likewise love reading Steve Bell's 'Secret Revelation.'”

So what is the secret behind this new phenomenon?

Firstly, the book is written at a blistering pace – not one page is wasted in moving the story along. It starts (literally) with a bang and ends with an even bigger one.

Next, it has such a compelling story with a central mystery that just begs the reader to turn the next page, tantalizing that any moment now the dark secret will be revealed. But in a clever move, even when we think we know the secret, we don’t.

Another key aspect of this book is the style – it just makes the reader feel like their watching the movie.

"It never occurred to me to read a book and feel so mesmerized by the storytelling that I could actually visualize what was happening. Well, this is what happened with Steve Bell's "Secret Revelation". I just couldn't put it down. Wonderfully written, deeply compelling and one of the best ideas I have come across in years." – Italian Review.

It may not have the historical background as in “Da Vinci Code”, or “Angels and Demons” but it is faster, and equally as gripping.

The characters in Secret Revelation are brought to vivid life and then, given vivid death. A massive appeal of this book is that it appears to be breaking the rules. I don’t want to spoil the ending, so won’t say… but it will not be what you expect.

This is the debut thriller from Steve Bell, and is propelling this new author into the limelight. Already his fan base is growing, with the website (http://www.secretrevelation.com) swamped by eager fans trying to find out more.

“Any plans for a sequel?” – we asked.

“Not yet. However, the background is there, and I have some ideas for a plot. But the main focus at the minute will be converting the book into the screenplay for the film. I’m hoping to add some new twists and sequences for the film to give people that have already read the book something more. Who knows, I may even change the ending.”

With the shift from religious mystery to Sc-Fi seen by the enormous success of US TV series and films such as The 4400, Invasion, Bermuda Triangle and many more. We could see that Secret Revelation may have even greater success than “The Da Vinci code.”

If the first 30 days are anything to go by, then Secret Revelation looks set to take the crown as the most read mystery book of 2006.

Secret Revelation is available from all good bookstores: ISBN: 0595369871

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"Great read -- well worth a look."


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