Green Tea Supplements for Weight Loss?

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Green tea has earned a great reputation for helping many achieve weight loss goals and suppress appetite. Take the next step to a successful New Year’s Resolution with a green tea supplement. Free Green Tea 300 7 day trials available.

The desire for weight loss results has become very popular. Many search for great weight loss supplements and often a quick fix. There really isn’t a long term quick weight loss fix but this is no reason to be discouraged. What if adding a weight loss supplement such as green tea to a diet could effectively increase metabolism and energy and aid weight loss?

Green tea supplements are starting to become more popular. Green tea has been used in the Orient for years and is finally starting to migrate. Green tea supplements have an incredible ability to increase metabolic rate by up to 4%, and energy levels without increasing heart rate or blood pressure.

Using Green tea supplements will not have any of the harmful side affects Ephedra had on many weight loss seekers. Green tea can offer these benefits with less magnitude and no health risks. Green tea is a weight loss supplement that benefits health for the long term.

One hidden benefit of a green tea supplements is the antioxidant polyphenols. Polyphenols are phytochemicals with more than one phenol group. The antioxidant properties offered by polyphenols are very valuable to ones health.

Everyone is exposed to free radicals. The body depends on antioxidants for protection against damage from free radicals. Free radicals are simply unstable molecules seeking outer electron shell stability. The free radical isn’t concerned where this electron or electrons comes from or if another molecule becomes unstable. As free radicals removed electrons from molecules throughout the body, stability is never really achieved. The molecule attacked by the free radical becomes a free radical and the molecules they interact with become free radicals. This process continues and spreads exponentially. Prolonged free radical damage is referred to as oxidative stress. Free radicals often damage to cell DNA. This results in cell mutation which can lead to malignancy as this mutated cell duplicates. Polyphenols can effective react with the damaging free radicals without becoming a free radical as well. This defensive interaction prevents the body from falling victim to the chain reaction free radical attack.

Taking a green tea supplement requires making a choice. There are green tea leaves, bags, beverages, pills and patches. The body benefits from green tea best in a beverage. Not all green tea beverages are created equal. High potency beverages are available that offer 30 times the polyphenol levels of ordinary green tea beverages. Flavored high potency beverages are also available to help deal with the bitter taste green tea is cursed with.

The benefits of green tea have spoken. Starting the New Year by adding a green tea supplement to a weight loss plan is a good decision. Green Tea 300 has 300 milligrams of polyphenols; equivalent to 30 cups of ordinary green tea. High Potency Green Tea 300 is available with a 7-day free trial offer. The free trial includes a 30 day supply of green tea beverages and patches.

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