Unibased Systems Architecture, Inc. Sets Industry Record for Highest KLAS Scores Ever Published: 92.77 Overall

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The scores published in the recent KLAS Enterprises “TOP 20: Year-End Best in KLAS Awards” indicated that Unibased Systems Architecture, Inc.’s (USA’s) Resource Management System received the highest score ever published in KLAS’s eight year history.

The scores published in the recent KLAS Enterprises “TOP 20: Year-End Best in KLAS Awards” indicated that Unibased Systems Architecture, Inc.’s (USA’s) Resource Management System received the highest score ever published in KLAS’s eight year history. KLAS gathers about 1,000 interviews a month in order to build an honest, accurate, and unbiased vehicle to measure vendor performance in the healthcare information technology (HIT) industry. Interviews are collected from hospital executives and managers who have actual experience with HIT products. Each year, in the December time frame, KLAS publishes results obtained over the prior 13 month period.

The KLAS scoring is based upon a thorough 40 question survey submitted by a healthcare executive, which addresses the critical evaluation issues of an HIT vendor and product. The survey is followed by an in-depth interview of the healthcare executive by a KLAS consultant. The final result is recorded in the KLAS database. KLAS has approximately 50 professionals performing these and related tasks daily. Any provider interested in purchasing a solution in any of the 14 strategic market product areas measured by the KLAS TOP 20 report need only to review the report in depth. The survey questions not only provide actual vendor scoring, but also identify the key questions which should be asked by all healthcare organizations when evaluating any HIT product.

Obvious topics addressed are depth and breadth of functionality and product and service quality and reliability. But also measured are corporate attitudes toward hidden pricing and support costs after the sale, including ongoing actual internal support costs, which often are overlooked during the selection process.

USA’s score of 92.77 for RMS was 1.51 points above the #2 vendor, and USA’s average score for all products, 91.04, was well above any other vendor’s average score of all their products.

According to C. J. Borders, Director of Installations, “USA’s organizational structure is designed to insure product and support quality and responsiveness. My office is virtually next to the Director of Development. So when clients have needs or issues, we can address them immediately, and we do.”

D. V. White, Director of Healthcare Application Development, agrees, indicating, “Our development groups recognize that user friendliness, and bullet-proof software and related architecture, are one and the same. If the overall solution environment is unreliable, it is not user friendly. If responsive service is not available, the vendor is not customer friendly. USA’s corporate attitude is not just marketing jargon, but a deep seeded commitment that ties directly to our corporate mission statement. The KLAS TOP 20 reports are verification that our strategy is correct and important to buyers and customers who wish for a true evaluation and wisdom of choice.” USA products and services have been ranked within the top 5 of all 500 vendor-products evaluated annually, since year 2000.

About Unibased Systems Architecture (USA):    

USA’s reputation for product quality, reliability, and supporting services has no equal in the HIT industry. USA and its products have maintained highest rankings from the KLASTM independent reporting for the last six years. USA markets various products which are open, scalable, integrated client/server and web enabled solutions, designed to meet the unique needs of sophisticated enterprise organizations. USA has major solution offerings in the HIT and air travel markets, providing real time production scheduling, human resources, security and financial systems. In the HIT industry, RMS is an integrated solution which schedules and tracks patient resource needs and utilization from pre-access through post procedure follow-up. RMS also monitors the effectiveness of clinical programs, financial productivity and capacity management. ORMS is an integrated module which addresses OR scheduling, surgeon preferences, suite utilization, materials management, clinical worker training and certification. RMS/ORMS results in significant improvements in physician and patient relations. USA products and services are available through direct sales, marketing partners, value added resellers and system integrators. USA is a private corporation founded in 1986, and is based in Chesterfield, Missouri. Visit USA on the web at http://www.unibased.com.


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