The United States has Destroyed Hundreds of Thousands of Iraqi Lives

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A new documentary filmed in Falluja Iraq shows American atrocities, the destruction of an entire Iraqi city and the destruction of hundreds of thousands of innocent civilian lives.

Conceptionmedia presents, "Caught in the Crossfire: The Untold Story of Falluja."

With exclusive footage, never-before-seen in western media, Caught in the Crossfire brings to light the most important story of the Iraq war: the plight of civilians suffering due to U.S. military operations in Iraq.

The city of Falluja, Iraq has been declared, “pacified” and the battle of Falluja has been declared a victory by the American administration. Caught in the Crossfire is an eyewitness account from the only western civilian to live with the people of Falluja, exposing the devastating humanitarian disaster that is the result of American foreign policy in Iraq. In one city alone the film shows that hundreds of thousands of lives have been destroyed by an American military action.

Independent filmmaker Mark Manning was the only westerner to travel to Falluja, un-embedded, and he lived with the refugees of Falluja and experience life from their point of view, returning with them to their destroyed city after the siege. Unknown to any authorities, he recorded his experiences. He experienced the checkpoints, witnessed the devastation of thousands of homes, shops and mosques, and documented the horrors of the siege as recounted by those who survived inside the city during the battles. The people of Falluja asked him to tell their story to the world, and he is now fulfilling that request with the release of Caught in the Crossfire.

A joint production between Iraqi and American filmmakers, this documentary short was filmed inside Falluja during the height of the U.S. bombardment and its aftermath (November 2004 through April 2005). The film details the conditions experienced by civilians as they endured the violent clashes and consequences of Operation Phantom Fury and became refugees outside the eyes and care of the international community. Caught in the Crossfire was filmed entirely un-embedded, outside the protection or influence of the military or corporate media, in order to capture the unique and honest perspective of the civilians themselves.

Falluja, an ancient city comparable to the size of Cincinnati, Ohio, was largely destroyed by the November 2004 military action called Operation Phantom Fury. According to conservative estimates, there were at least 250,000 civilians living in the city of Falluja who were forced to leave their homes during the fighting, most without being given a place to go. The Pentagon has stated that up to 20% of the civilians of Falluja remained in the city during the siege, yet there are no accounts of what happened to these people or how many survived. To this date, the majority of the city is in rubble; very little infrastructure has survived, and almost no aid is getting within the city walls.

The American attack on Falluja was a major turning point in the rise of the resistance in Iraq, and Falluja has become a battle cry of anti-American sentiment for a large part of the world. Caught in the Crossfire exposes the annihilation, not the liberation, of the Iraqi people. By detailing what is actually happening to these civilians, the film shows why the people of Iraq have lost faith in the stated American policy goals and why, with the loss of “hearts and minds” in Iraq, there is now no way for America to win this war.

ConceptionMedia is donating a portion of the proceeds from the sale of each DVD to relief efforts bringing medical and humanitarian aid to civilians who are suffering in combat zones in Iraq today.


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