Neuropathy Mystery Solved. New Study proves electronic ReBuilder System Effective for Neuropathy.

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Recent Study of 480 patients indicates 95% of those studied responded to ReBuilder Neuropathy home therapy system.

We studied all the common denominators that triggered neuropathy and found that each one related to oxygen deprevation. We designed our system to treat that and the results have been amazing.

Charles Town, WVA, January 12, 2006

ReBuilder Medical, Inc. today released an independant study of 480 patients over a 3 year period. Results showed that compared to a placebo, the Anodyne and ReVitamed Infrared systems, and Pfizer's and Eli Lilly's drug therapies, the double blind study demonstrated a 95% response rate to the ReBuilder home therapy. (The competitive Anodyne and Revitamed quipment fared no better than the placebo, while the prescription drugs offered only a 45% improvement and serious side effects.)

Neuropathy is a major complication of diabetes and 60% of those with diabetes will develop the tingling, numbness, and pain of neuropathy in thier feet and hands. Currently the most common treatment is drug related, but the side effects of drugs are many times worse than the disease. Pfizer was recently fined by the US government for the use of Neuronton for neuropathy. Other electronic devices (infrared) that merely heat the feet have been tried unseccessfully. The ReBuilder uses a tiny electrical signal that mimmics the normal nerve signal to wake up dormant nerves that were temporarily restricted due to temporary bouts of oxigen deprivation. The patient uses the system in the privacy of his own home.

David B. Phillips, Ph.D. the inventor of the ReBuilder System for Neuropathy says "We studied all the common denominators that triggered neuropathy and found that each one related to oxygen deprevation. We designed our system to treat that and the results have been amazing." Dr. Phillips won the prestigious Inventor of the Year Award in 1987 for inventing the infrared ear thermometer that is used all over the world today. He develooped the ReBuilder System for his father who developed nbeuropathy.

Patients have reported success in reducing the pain and numbness of peripheral neuropathy, restless leg syndrome, MS, Post Polio Syndrome, lower back and sciatic nerve pain. Many cases of neuropathy are caused by chemotherapy, lyme's disease, prescription medicianes like Statins and high blood pressure medicines, and environmental toxins. The ReBuilder System has no side effects and is simple to use.

The ReBuilder is FDA approved, Medicare approved, and is certified by the American Association of Emerging Technologies to comply with the guidelines proffered by the American Medical Association for clinically reliable medical equipment.

At a retail cost of $399, the ReBuilder is the preferred treatment of choice. Painless and comfortable, the majority of patients studied reported that over 90% of their symptoms Were cured in less than three comfortable 30 minute treatments.

33% of the patients studied were treated with the Anodyne system and 33% with the ReVitadyne therapies that use infrared lights to merely heat the feet. In a recent edition of Diabetes Care the official journal for the American Diabetes Association, it was reporeted that these infrared light systems were ineffective in increasing sensitivity in the feet of people with diabetic peripheral neuropathy.

Rebuilder proved vastly superior to both modalites and compared to their cost of $2,900, the ReBuilder is an effective treatment system.

ReBuilder Medical Inc. is looking for venture capital to fund the development of an electronic system to detect allergies electronically. the company claims it has the technology to send the patient home with a small battery operated device that will record the patient's response when he merely touches a suspected allergen. In this way a patient can touch things like pets, mates perfunes and medicines etc that t=a physician would not normally have samples of in his office. The test is non invasive and perfect for children.

The company is negotiating for the inclusion of the ReBuilder System for Neuropathy into 750 neurologist's private practices in 2006. Currently Nova Care, Cleaveland Clinic, and the VA offer the ReBuilder.

The company sells the ReBuilder System directly to the patient via the internet. More information is available at or Toll Free 1-866-725-2202.

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