A Well-Known Author Demystifies the Rules of Today’s Workplace

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In today’s turbulent employment world, most professionals feel ill-prepared to deal with their daily work challenges. Despite the growing uncertainties and the precarious nature of even the most stable jobs, today’s workers can arm themselves with new skills to combat that uncertainty. See how knowing the basics of organizations’ workings can transform your view of not just how to survive, but also how to thrive in today’s corporate jungle. Conquering Your Workplace: From Mail Room to Board Room-A Sourcebook for Today’s Workforce. provides ready answers to countless professionals who feel lost in today’s corporate tangle.

To many employees, today’s work environment presents unprecedented challenges. Workplace has its own mysteries, including the daily quandaries, its proverbial backroom politics, old-boy network, and its unforgiving character, where any false moves can prove fatal. Many employees simply feel lost in the maze of how even the most everyday situations present challenges that baffle them. No single source had taken on the task of demystifying this important frontier using a systematic approach to codify a vast body of knowledge.

Until now.

Enter the just-published book, Conquering Your Workplace: From Mail Room to Board Room-A Sourcebook for Today’s Workforce!, by Dilip G. Saraf, an author, who has published four previous titles, all in the genre of career management, self-improvement, and job transitions. Conquering shows its readers unusual strategies that have enjoyed wide success in dealing with today’s precarious and whirlwind work climate. “My inspiration for this book came from the very clients whom I helped get a dream job or from those whom I coached because they needed professional help in dealing with their work situations,” says Saraf.

“Significant change in today’s work dynamic is what prompted many chapters to be a part of this book. Many will get an ‘aha’ throughout the many pages of this book,” says Saraf. “This is primarily because the book is enriched with real-life perspectives that people encounter every day.

The author explains in the book’s Preface how corporations and organizations have progressively become more insular and defensive in dealing with employee issues because of today’s litigious climate and mercenary expectations. Today’s employee handbook is more likely to be filled with regulatory and compliance issues than tips on how to be an effective employee and how to create great value with the time spent at work. This book provides that bridge

Present-day corporate leaders have to be vigilant in not only dealing with the external threats and opportunities, but also with how to keep the workforce informed, agile, and mobilized to provide the best bulwark against global challenges. Conquering Your Workplace provides that avenue, where employees can learn on their own how to deal with these challenges.

Susan Chiu is an executive with a major consulting firm in the San Francisco Bay Area. She found the book refreshingly insightful in its coverage of organizational challenges that are thrown your way and with which you have difficulty dealing. “Before reading the book, I rationalized my plight by saying, ‘Oh, this is happening only to me because I am new at this place,’” muses Susan, who has worked for the past 13 years in a variety of companies. “After reading the book, I quickly discovered that I could explain away not just what is happening here with me in this new job, but also, going back into my job history, how I might have done things differently-better-now that I have this knowledge. Everyone should be familiar with what is in this book,” Susan chuckles.

Damon Billian, Community Marketing Manager at SimplyHired, a leading online job-search company, whose Website is visited by millions of job seekers says, “Conquering Your Workplace offers some exceptional advice to its readers who feel lost in today’s corporate jungle. The book offers practical wisdom to all those who wonder why things happen the way they do in their world today, and what to do about it to stay on top. I especially found the chapter on how to deal with the customer very informative. We should all treat our customers that way!”

Conquering Your Workplace: From Mail Room to Board Room-A Sourcebook for Today’s Workforce!, distills nearly four decades of the author’s first-hand experience working inside the corporate world internationally. His work spans five careers across companies ranging from Fortune-500s to early-phase start-ups. Yet, the book’s message is remarkably universal. “It applies equally well to anyone from the CEO to the new intern, to someone working at a remote off-shored location, to those running a global enterprise.

Conquering Your Workplace: From Mail Room to Board Room-A Sourcebook for Today’s Workforce!, by Dilip G. Saraf, 400 pp is available in hardcover ($37.95), paperback ($27.95), and as an Adobe downloadable file ($6.00) from Amazon and other retailers. It is published by iUniverse.

Media Contact: (January 10, 2006)

Dilip G. Saraf

Career and Life Coach

Career Transitions Unlimited

(510) 477-0154

Visit: http://www.career-transitions-unl.com

Dilip Saraf is a career counselor, job consultant, and life coach, who is available to the media as an expert source on the topics of current job-market trends, career management, and unusual approaches to get a dream job in a tough market. Dilip also consults with corporations to help them make their workforce, at all levels, more effective.


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