Energy Efficient Direct-Drive Blower Technology for Air Knife Applications Milks Extra Work out of Utility Dollars

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The 9-14% improvement in efficiency by using an industrial blower with fewer moving parts can save as much as $1,050 per year with a 25-hp unit.

using new technologies increases energy efficiency...improves profits.

When it comes to wringing maximum utility out of every energy dollar, every little bit helps. In a report sponsored by the U.S. Dept. of Energy, the National Renewable Energy Laboratory concluded that, "Industrial electric motor systems account for more than 20% of all electricity used in the U.S.," and, "using new technologies increases energy efficiency...improves profits." For this reason, many commercial and industrial users of air knives and industrial blower systems are turning to JetAir’s innovative direct-drive blower air knife systems.

This new, simple and innovative design improvement in blowers used for air knives improves efficiency by foregoing unnecessary belts, tensioners and spindles. By coupling the blower impeller directly to the motor shaft, parasitic losses are greatly reduced since there are fewer moving parts. The resulting decrease in the consumption of electricity lowers operating costs for industrial and manufacturing facilities that incorporate air drying and cleaning into their processes.

“With direct-drive there is reduced vibration in the system, no axial force on the bearings, and no reduction losses as seen with belts,” says Bernd Strauss, Managing Director of Dietz Motoren GmbH & Co. KG (, based in Dettingen, Germany -- a high-speed motor manufacturer working hand-in-hand with JetAir to develop a motor incorporating JetAir’s direct drive technology. “With direct-drive air knives and blowers, the moved flywheel mass is less than with the old belt system. This allows for more efficient operation. The belt systems only have a total efficiency of 78 to 83%; whereas the direct drive units from JetAir have a total efficiency of 92%. The difference is 9-14%.”

Based in Ventura, California, JetAir produces advanced high-speed centrifugal industrial blower and air knife systems to meet most moderate-pressure, high flow applications where efficiency and non-stop performance are critical. JetAir's patent pending Direct-Drive(TM) technology enables their air knife systems to provide several energy-saving advantages to industrial users.

As an example, an efficient air knife only requires 25hp to supply a given air flow rate at a given pressure, versus one with more moving parts that requires 28hp (12% less efficient), the savings in electrical costs quickly yield a positive benefit/cost ratio on the more efficient machine. Using the industry standard average of $.08 cents per kWh, the 3hp difference could reduce electricity costs by approximately $1050 per year.

In addition, the JetAir System is controlled by variable frequency drives (VFD), enabling customers to dial-in exact performance requirements and vary speed automatically. Most systems are turned on at the beginning of a shift and turned off at shift’s end regardless of the amount of product run during the shift. With JetAir’s system, clients can vary output to the amount of production actually run, significantly reducing energy costs.

Direct-Drive technology has already proven itself across several applications including food and beverage processing, integrated chip manufacturing, and the pharmaceutical industry. Energy cost savings provide a competitive edge over plants that still relying on energy-sapping, inefficient belt-drive designs.

JetAir Technologies offers a complete line of air knife, blower, and vacuum systems engineered for demanding applications between 5-40HP and 4-30kW.

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