Gold Calling® Eliminates Pain of Prospecting

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Automated prospecting software eliminates need for buying leads and making cold calls to generate clients, secure sales. Rita James of Atlanta, Ga., uses the software to market itself.

No pain, all gain. That’s the premise behind the Gold Calling® software.

Rita James of Atlanta, Ga., uses the automated prospecting software to broadcast her sales pitch to thousands of homes daily. She started marketing the Gold Calling® system in November 2005.

As a work-at-home mom, James credits the software for saving her time and helping to build her business.

“It’s an amazing prospecting system,” she said.

The Gold Calling® software acts as an automatic phone dialer and auto-responder that work together to optimize the chances of a prospect becoming a business partner.

With a click on the computer keyboard, the system leaves James’ sales pitch on up to 5,000 telephone answering machines across the nation every day. Interested clients may then listen to and return the call at their discretion.

Lead generation expert Steven Burke designed the system, which eliminates the need to buy leads or make cold calls, James said. The system comes with 3.2 million telephone numbers programmed.

“It takes away the pain of cold calling, and the fear and the time associated with dialing numerous phone numbers, only to be hung up on,” she said. “There is no tug-of-war. It gets to the cream of the crop -- those who are interested in hearing more about your product.

“Your phone will ring,” she added.

Benefits of the Gold Calling program:

Technology integration - Gold calling integrates e-mail, auto responders, voice mail, live answer, voice broadcasting, trickle mail and Automatic Response Management (ARM) marketing technologies.

List management - Gold Calling allows you to sort through millions of records, while targeting a particular geographic area, and makes sure you aren’t duplicating your efforts in creating a brand new marketing list.

Contact tracking and virtual secretary (ARM I and II) - Gold calling software allows you to track your contacts (from being a name on a page to an actual client) and automatically records calls in the customer update file, according to your instructions. It also displays the caller’s file, including name and other critical information, before you take the call (ARM I). ARM II acts as a virtual secretary, taking voice mail messages and attaching them to the customer file even when you’re not available.

Campaign management - When you’re selling more than one product, or trying to determine if one form of advertising works best for your needs, rely on Gold Calling to manage your campaigns. The software will keep track of who has received what information, while eliminating a duplication of effort.

Direct Marketing Tools - Gold Calling software saves you hours of time and effort when you take advantage of the voice broadcasting, trickle mail and auto responder features.

Automatic lead capture (ARM III) - Save time and effort with Gold Calling’s ARM III feature, which will automatically receive information from your web site or auto responder system, and update the appropriate client file.

Automatic re-contact (ARM IV) - The Gold Calling system will automatically follow up on clients with pre-recorded messages or emails, and then update the appropriate files.

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