San Joaquin County Officials' Selective Enforcement of Local Ordinances May Violate State and Federal Laws

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In San Joaquin County, code enforcement officers may be betraying our most fundamental state and federal laws in their determination to enforce local ordinances. In these days where our civil rights are being diminished one must wonder what America’s founding fathers would think, if they would be alive today. Is this the vision they had for America or are we in the verge to lose our true identity as a nation that values freedom, equality, and the right to a fair trial? You are invited to read on and judge for yourself.

Most would agree that local ordinances are written for the betterment of the community and with the desire to improve the overall quality of life. However, it is rarely discussed how some of these local ordinances are affecting a select group of people or class within our communities. There are instances in our American history, where these actions have taken place, but we decided as a nation that we would not tolerate these forms of abuse on our citizens. Unfortunately, history has a way of repeating itself.

Cities and counties today, enact local ordinances sometimes even ridiculous in their very nature, without really considering public opinion on the matter and enforce these at their discretion. While state law (specifically California in this case) does have a provision granting power to cities and counties to enforce or establish local ordinances, it is only under the premise that they do not conflict with general law. California Constitution, Article XI, Section 7, states "A county or city may make and enforce within its limits all local, police, sanitary, and other ordinances and regulations not in conflict with general laws".

To selectively choose application of these ordinances for some citizens while ignoring others in similar situations are hardly justifiable and create a double standard. In fact, most would agree that any city or county that engaged in this practice is potentially violating state and federal laws, specifically in our state of California, California Constitution, Article I, Section 7(b), states that “A citizen or a class of citizens may not be granted privileges or immunities not granted on the same terms to all citizens” and U.S.C. 14th Amendment, The Equal Protection Clause, which enforces equality of the law to all citizens.

The main question that we should ask ourselves is: what are we, as US Citizens, willing to do in order to stop cities and counties from eroding our rights? We currently find ourselves in this dilemma, to read about our case, please visit We have chosen to bring this to your attention. It is our hope that we can create awareness of this growing trend, which must be stopped. It is our belief that we have an obligation to bring legal action against San Joaquin County to discourage this type of behavior.

As a final note, your help can make a huge difference. We are currently searching for legal representation and any donation that you can provide, will help us in our efforts to get justice. As an expression of our appreciation, for your donation, we will provide a link to your website from our main page located in our Sponsor Section. The top 100 donators will be featured on our main page and we will provide a link for all donators on


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