New Religion Book Has Evangelists and Church Leaders Crying Foul

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A highly controversial new book on religion and faith challenges and offends church leaders worldwide.

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George Wallace (not the notorious Alabama Governor...but just as controversial) has written an insightful, seminal, work that will challenge every belief and every religious value you have ever held. Titled "Oh! God? Is That You? I Have A Question.", Mr. Wallace's book manages to offend every tenet of faith and religiosity. His observations are both outrageous... and true.

No religion, no doctrine, no faith, no evangelist, no church or political leader, is spared his razor-sharp wit, intellect, and no-holds-barred commentary on every religious faith. Provocative commentary, like comparing organized religious leadership with organized crime, has put Mr. Wallace in the cross-hairs of some of the most influential of church leaders.

Being referred to as everything from the "anti-Christ" to a "demon infidel" has only strengthened Mr. Wallace's conviction that he has indeed touched a few powerful nerves with his bluntness and candor.

His own faith in God has not been shaken, however. He is deeply religious... what he objects to is the duplicity and outright fraud of organized religions... and the damage they cause to society and the individual. His comments on the vile and incestuous relationship between political and church leadership has many squirming in their executive chairs.

Talk show hosts love George Wallace. He is brash, outgoing, articulate, and lights up the caller boards. His recent comment that he fully expects television evangelist Pat Roberts to call for his assassination soon evokes both laughter and moral consternation.

For more information about George Wallace or his controversial book "Oh! God? Is That You? I Have A Question." you can visit his website at: or search for his book at


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