Health Advice For Hollywood And Women Mid/Post-Divorce-Author, Amy Botwinick and Health Professionals Speak Out

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The 'buzz' in Hollywood is divorce. The 'buzz' for Divorce Author, Amy Botwinick is health, safety and vibrators and the road to finding 'happily ever after.' Book and product sales on Botwinick's website, result in a portion of the proceeds going to victims of domestic violence and women's shelters. Women helping women. Sisterhood for a cause.

Aniston-Pitt. Richards-Sheen. Simpson-Lachey. Romijn-Stamos. Hollywood is buzzing with divorce in the headlines, and while the world gawks at the ‘news,’ one vital thing is missing…. Health Advice for the over-stressed women of divorce who have even more stress if they are going through their divorce in the Hollywood spotlight. Emotional, mental/psychological, spiritual, physical and sexual health. Author, Amy Botwinick, Author of “Congratulations on Your Divorce: The Road To Finding Your Happily Ever After” is pro-actively gathering a collective network of health professionals together to help share the message about the effects divorce can have on the mind, body and spirit. From promoting vibrators via her website; to her book and the long list of resources and information at, Botwinick’s mission of benefiting women’s shelters with the proceeds from book and product sales, while generating constant messages about health, safety and well-being is her own journey, as a divorced woman helping women. Dr. Joan Torgersen Magill, Licensed Psychologist/Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist/Certified Sport Psychologist describes Botwinick’s book as "essential" for women considering or going through a divorce. “As a stress management specialist, this clinician endorses her writings for the stress reduction possibilities, alone, though there is much else here, as well," states Magill.

Botwinick explains how women going through divorce, like Jessica Simpson can benefit from stress reduction. “Stress is a by product of a primitive instinct called "fight or flight" that helped us escape dangerous situations during our prehistoric past. Women of divorce can range from young brides like Simpson, to women who have been married for years and into their fifties – divorce does not differentiate by age or celebrity, especially when it comes to stress, effects on health and safety. I’m here to share information. If I had just five minutes with Jessica Simpson, I would tell her about sexual safety and stress, first and foremost. She has a stressful profession – and particularly with her and Lachey going through their divorce in the ‘Hollywood spotlight’ – added stress. If the level of stress created over a prolonged period of time is ignored, it can cause life threatening illness and symptoms that can create considerable consequences mentally and physically. In terms of sex - we all commended Simpson for being a virgin when she got married, but not being married anymore doesn’t mean she has to deny her God-given sexual urges. That’s why vibrators are a safe-sex alternative, when emotionally healing during a divorce.”

While the message of safe sex is nota new one, it may be a message worth re-exploring for women of divorce, who have been in monogamous relationships with their spouse. ”As the divorced woman re-enters the dating scene, it is essential to realize that along with the excitement and pleasure found in a new relationship, there are potential dangers that accompany physical intimacy. There are roughly 70 million people infected with one of 25 sexually transmitted diseases. These diseases do not discriminate based upon age or marital status. However, transmission is almost always preventable. Be smart, be safe, and do not be afraid to consult your gynecologist for any questions regarding STD prevention,” states Dr. David Lubetkin,who is an OBGYN.

Botwinick as a divorced woman and as a chiropractor for twelve years, says she’s discovered many wonderful conventional and unconventional ways to heal on all levels. “I have treated many chiropractic patients with physical symptoms resulting from stress resulting from divorce. Patient complaints included tension headaches, migraines, back pain, muscle tightness, TMJ, upset stomach, nervous twitches and more. . As a primary health care provider I believe every patient should have a team of traditional and alternative healing professionals available to them along their journey, especially as they transition through the uncoupling process,” states Botwinick.

Botwinick practices what she preaches. She sought out the help of Dr. Brian Sheen, Executive Director of The Quantum Healing Center, Delray Beach Florida ( for her own wellness and divorce recovery. "Divorce is powerful time for personal reassessment to look within for healing and growth. Unless a deep search of the underlying issues that brought you into the relationship and then out of it are undertaken with professional direction, the chances are there will be piles of blame, regret and resentment that will distort and prevent a healthy relationship in the future,” states Sheen.

This first-time author shares her own journey in a helpful girlfriend-to-girlfriend conversational guide to help women through the divorce process and beyond. Botwinick is currently enjoying her “happily ever after.” She is a divorced mother of two, and has been a chiropractor for the last twelve years and has held a teaching position at a local college. Her business for over a decade has been about listening, learning and helping others. Amy’s research and writing convey a directness and honesty that comes from personal experience.

There are over two million divorces in the U.S. each year. Cinderella’s prince charming has either turned into a toad or run off with Sleeping Beauty. Left in the pixie dust are millions of women looking in the mirror each morning wondering, now what? Congratulations on Your Divorce: The Road to Finding Your Happily Ever After (Health Communications, Inc.; December 2005; $12.95) by Amy Botwinick explores all facets of divorce: from making the decision, surviving the legal battles and getting on with life. Through the author’s own experiences and those of other women, Congratulations on Your Divorce prepares readers for the road ahead: how to get through the business of divorce with humor and aplomb, get beyond the bitterness and on to a healthy, happy life.

This is not another dry book about the process of divorce from a lawyer or psychologist. Congratulations on Your Divorce is fun and uplifting and for women only. The author shares her own struggles, emotional foibles and stories from others, to help the reader through her own emotions. A special section on the male perspective opens the door to the workings of the male mind, helping readers find some common ground with their ex or soon-to-be ex, making an easier transition to “uncoupling.”

Sections of the book include: Making peace with your decision, taking stock of the financial situation, dealing with reactions from family and friends, the legal three-ring circus, forgiving and letting go, dating and new relationships, and telling and helping the children.

Congratulations on Your Divorce is a breath of fresh air that helps the reader transform her feelings of being trapped to feelings of empowerment. It describes the world of divorce—warts and all—with some much-needed comic relief and heart. The reader will realize she’s not alone as she learns how other women have coped with the emotional craziness of uncoupling, jettisoned their emotional baggage, and gotten back on the road to defining and finding their happily ever after.

Amy Botwinick's South Florida Book Tour:

The book signing:

January 19, 2006 - 7:30 p.m. * Borders Books * 9887 Glades Rd. * Boca Raton, FL 33434 561-883-5854

The event: The Road To Finding Your Happily Ever After: Amy Botwinick shows you how - with self-love and rediscovery, empowerment, helpful tips on “A New Year and New You” outlook on love, healing and relationships with a sneak preview of "Surviving Valentine's Day After Divorce" with emphasis on girly retail therapy where proceeds help victims of domestic violence - benefiting AVDA.

Buy the book and get it signed - Meet Author, Amy Botwinick. All those who show up for the book signing at 7:30 p.m. will be entered in a special prize drawing! Drawing takes place at 8 p.m. for the following ‘New Year, New You - Self-Love’ prizes from Boca Raton: Mario and Co.$50 gift card; The Oaks Spa - European Facial-75$ value; 1 hour Swedish massage-75$ value and Meals on Wheels, Inc.- Meals on the Move-25$ gift certificate. Prizes from Delray Beach: Gregory's Fine Jewlery $300 gift card; Table for Two- Arline McNally $25 gift card; L Boutique $50 gift card; Sue at Cucina Rosano $50 gift card

The book signing:

February 9th, 2006 - 7:00 p.m.

Barnes & Noble Booksellers * University Commons * 1400 Glades Rd. * Boca Raton, FL 33431 561-750-2134

The event: Suddenly Single: The Valentine’s Day Celebration Survival Kit -Live. Buy the book and get it signed… Meet Amy Botwinick, Author of “Congratulations On Your Divorce: The Road To Finding Your Happily Ever After.” From journaling, humor and music therapy, come share the fun Survivalfest where Botwinick will share the top reasons why it's great to be 'suddenly single' during Valentine's Day. Learn why 'self-love' is the greatest love of all so you have more to contribute to a relationship, and how to surround yourself with feelings of positivity and liberation of enjoying a great single life. Come to this fun-filled event and leave with a tickled mind, a warmed heart, inspired spirit, laughter and more.

The book signing:

February 16, 2006 - 7:30 P.M. Borders Books * 19925 Biscayne Blvd. * Aventura, FL 33180

The event:

'Love Thyself' Stress-Healing Education. The Road To Finding Your Happily Ever After: Author and Chiropractor, Amy Botwinick shows you how to literally get the 'stress off your back' and out of your relationships- whether you're in a stressed relationship, going through a divorce, or post-divorce. Learn how relationships, divorce and break-ups in general affect the mind, heart and the body. Botwinick shows you how to get your mind set for the ultimate empowering motivational strategies for better health with tips for emotional, psychological, physical health and safety, including an introduction to the women's shelter services of AVDA and other women's charities that support wellness, healing and growth.

Congratulations On Your Divorce: The Road To Finding Your Happily Ever After. Buy the book and get it signed - Meet Author, Amy Botwinick. All those who show up for the book signing at 7:30 will be entered in a special prize drawing! Drawing takes place at 8 p.m.

The book signing:

Books & Books

March 11, 2006 8:00 P.M.

265 Aragon Ave.

Coral Gables, FL 33134


Event details, TBA

For interviews - Contact Stacey Kumagai at 818-506-8675. For more information on Amy Botwinick's book, (excerpts, info., ordering)


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