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Thousands of internet scammers are ready to do whatever it takes to make money from the unsuspecting and, sadly, are successfully making millions.

Get Rich Super Quick! Yeah, that'd be right!

Millionaire in 2 months? Fat Chance!

There are hundreds of 'Get Rich Quick' schemes to be bought over the internet in the form of e-books, online tutorials, advisory companies, the list is quite literally endless. But those who buy them are unaware of the pitfalls of buying online 'scams' and most are still waiting in hope, praying that they will find that proverbial pot of gold and really make that fortune.

Everyone wants to make vast sums of money quickly with absolute minimal effort and all from the comfort of their own homes. Who can blame them? Given the opportunity there is no one who wouldn't jump at the chance to have money flowing into their bank accounts despite the fact they have worked for only a few hours in the week (and mostly in their pajamas!) leaving enough time to go shopping for that all important sports car and those genuine designer clothes without having to look at the price tags.

The marketing is incredible. Fantastic claims are made by these 'internet gurus' claiming everyone and anyone can make tonnes of money whether it be in real estate, classified ads, internet affiliate marketing or something else which is brand new yet tried, tested and guaranteed to have the money rolling in, today. They can show everyone who buys their 'unique' product exactly how they can do it too. All sounding too familiar? Over and over again, people from all walks of life are spending enormous sums searching for that diamond which will make them fabulously wealthy. However, rather than making money they spend cash most of them can't afford and end up with the same old nonsense, admittedly in a different format, with so much technical jargon and so little practical advice that it is thrown in a cupboard, unused, on top of the pile of others which have been bought with the same hopes.

So, why is so much faith placed in these 'scammers'? Perhaps it is because it is in the nature of human beings to be trusting and as a species we truly believe that just because five or ten, or twenty, have proved useless there has to be someone out there who is basically honest and really does have a scheme which will make millions with only a little work.

Sorry to burst all of these bubbles of hope, but 99% of the ‘schemes’ out there are complete nonsense. Most of them are totally useless (and the owners know it), yet they are laughing all the way to the bank regardless. They are tolerated because no one knows how to beat them at their own game.

That was until RoughDiamondsOnline put one of their researchers on the case and she contacted the administrator of every get rich quick website she could find! Maybe extreme, but it was time someone out there did! Posing as an investor, she convinced the owners of these sites that she was extremely interested in buying their entire website and business. Remember, these people are driven by the thought of making even more money than they already have, so the prospect of receiving an unsolicited offer for their business immediately sparked their interest!

They gave the researcher free access to their member’s areas so she could see exactly what it was she would be buying and quite frankly, not only was she, and RoughDiamondsOnline, disgusted by what she found but also flabbergasted by the owner’s attitudes. The researcher found that there was, more often than not: outdated information; links which failed to work; the links that did work invariably led to other sites asking for even more money; dodgy e-mail support, when it existed; no help sections! The owners not only couldn’t care less but in many instances were proud that they had made so much money in this way. Needless to say, when the owners of these sites contacted RoughDiamondsOnline, repeatedly, to ask if they were still interested in buying their sites, they were met by a big wall of silence.

What the researcher did find, however, were some good ideas, being used by real people to make some extra cash at home working from their computers and using the internet. They too charged a fee to buy just one get rich quick idea but, if the customer is prepared to put in a little time and effort they can reap the financial benefits. The only problem is, these 'sellers' are charging between $50 and $200 per idea. Can many of us afford to spend say $1000 to $4000 for 20 ideas that may, or may not work?

Don't be too dismayed though. The good news is that the researcher did find two little gems which are working for those who bought them. Neither are expensive ($9.99 & $49) and both lay out everything in a clear and concise way. The projects are being successfully run by normal people and they can be checked out simply by entering their keywords in to a decent search engine.

The owners of these e-books are genuine people who have bought tens, perhaps even hundreds, of 'scams' between them. Instead of being disheartened, they put one or two of the good schemes into action and are now making a healthy living online, or from their homes (not all of the projects in the books depend on internet expertise!) In one book you will find 20 very practical ways of using a computer and the internet to make a difference to your financial life. The other is designed more for those who have a reasonable ability to find their way around the internet, but the projects are well laid out and really easy to follow.

Anyone who is serious about becoming wealthy must learn how to avoid being scammed. Educate yourself by going to the website and never again fall into the trap of being scared into buying a truly useless 'Get Rich Quick' scheme.


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