Generation X Strives for Life Balance; Efficiency and Personal Élan Prized

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With a plethora of resource doting on the Baby Boomer's impending retirement crunch, Gen Xers find themselves (finally?) in opportune straits. Indeed, workplace efficiency and capitalizing on life experiences has become their hallmark.

In difference to the Boomer's lifestyle choice championing an effervescent fidelity for consumption, Generation Xers (popularly falling in the 1967-1977 birth-year bracket) have formally marked their territory. This territory is increasingly defined by "flex-time" and efficient business practices harnessing technology to increase productivity.

As Generation X steps forward to fill leadership posts vacated by Boomers enjoying their retirement, Xers find themselves on the cusp of a meaningful paradigm shift. It reflects their personal values which are heavily influenced by the desire to embrace efficient business practices while also pursuing the various passions in their lives.

Take for example the role that the internet, and specifically the ability to transform raw data into ultimately valuable information, that Gen Xers have fully embraced. With the help of leading technological juggernauts like Google, Adobe, and Research in Motion work has been revolutionized in both how and where it can be done.

Following these advances, Generation Y the "children of the internet," are coming to age in their own right developing such things as pixel advertising. Popularized by Alex Tew's "MillionDollarHomepage," pixel advertising acts as an internet billboard. Gen Xers have taken this concept a step further by developing content-specific pixel advertising that acts as a portal.

Consider the practicality of, which seeks to transform the scuba diving search process from a random search-and-click method to one enabling scuba divers to simply navigate to one site with tremendous traffic and use this resource to find exotic travel destinations, the latest equipment, and scuba diving education all on one portal.

Conceptually, is something quite Gen X indeed--amalgamating a new technology to improve efficiency and fulfill that life balance need for some free time simultaneously! The question naturally comes to mind though, where will the tax revenue come from to support the Boomers with all the Xers on flex-time?

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