Sell unwanted Mortgage Notes, Trust Deeds, Business Notes or Structured Settlements

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Immediate money for cash flows

Help has arrived in Westchester County, in the form of Consumer Market Service, a new trend setting company whose service is helping individuals and businesses who are holding unwanted cash flow notes such as, mortgages, trust deeds, business notes and structured settlements and virtually any other type of cash flow. Consumer Market Service helps these individuals and businesses get their cash out of these instruments and into their own pockets where the money can be used for more immediate needs.

There are times when individuals or businesses, in order to sell a property or business find themselves forced to take back a portion of the sale in ongoing payments. This is usually due to the buyer not being able to qualify for the entire amount of financing needed to satisfy the purchase price. So in turn the seller takes back a portion of the purchase price in the form of a note. Many times this is not the preferred method of payment the seller would like, but in order to close the deal quickly in a weak or competitive market he agrees to take on the remaining portion of the loan in ongoing payments.

This is where Consumer Market Service steps in to save the day. We purchase from the note holder the remaining payments known as a cash flow at a discounted price based on a formula known as the time value of money. In turn the note holder gets a large lump sum of cash today to use for immediate personal or business needs, in return for the slow pay back of the note he is holding.

In the end everyone is satisfied the purchaser gets his property or business, the seller gets his money now and Consumer Market service now holds a long term cash flow investment.

This type of creative financing can also be done at the onset of the negotiations of a purchase, by bringing Consumer Market Service in prior to the signing of the contracts. This way the seller gets all his money at closing without having to hold on to a note at all.

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