Plastic Surgery News: New Facelift Appeals to Twenty and Thirty Year Olds

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Board Certified Plastic Surgeon and Radio Show Host Dr. Robert Schwartz Offers New Minimally-Invasive Cosmetic Surgery Procedure for Younger Patients

Think 30 is too young for a facelift? Think again. Women in their 20's and 30's are now requesting at a brand new, minimally-invasive facelift that creates a prettier, more aesthetically pleasing heart-shaped face using the new Endotine™ facelift system, which lifts soft tissue in the midface area making cheekbones pop and sagging cheeks disappear.

"The new Endotine™ procedure is a younger persons facelift," says Dr. Robert Schwartz (, a board certified plastic surgeon and host of Plastic Surgery Today.

Dr. Schwartz says that the lift isn’t just about combating the signs of aging. “Many of my patients in the 20s and 30s are looking to create that ideal heart-shaped look they have lost or perhaps never had, even in their youth.”

He adds, "This procedure is also ideal for women who need a mild adjustment in order to look their youthful best but don’t want to under go major surgery." This procedure only requires a small incision in the hairline and another small incision in the mouth. Recovery time is minimal and most people are back at work within a week and leaved no discernable scars.

In order to appreciate the benefits of the Endotine™ Midface System, men and women should first understand the natural progression of the aging human face, reports Dr. Schwartz.    "The first thing to happen is that the fat padding and tissue which sits on top of our cheek bones drops into the lower part of our faces. Thus as you age, your cheek bones look smaller and the bottom of your face looks fuller," explains Dr. Schwartz. "The heart-shaped face of youth collapses and the result in women is a squarer, more masculine profile."

The Endotine™ procedure restores the sexy 3D curves around the cheekbones which are the hallmark of a younger face. "Plus, Endotine™ is a remarkable innovation in the art of plastic surgery," states Dr. Schwartz. "It lifts from the inside out. It actually raises the sagging cheek tissue and locks it back into place on the cheek bones."

The result, cheekbones and the upper cheeks look fuller and the lower face looks more tapered. Thus, the heart-shaped appearance seen more prominently in youthful profiles is restored.

Traditional facelifts use the outer parts of the face to drag up the inner components, says Dr. Schwartz. While this technique may work well for the outer parts of the face, it can be counter productive in terms of reshaping the cheeks. "We don't want to see the cheek area flattened more, that's why I'm so enthusiastic about how Endotine™ lifts from the inside out."

The new Endotine™ Midface System was first introduced in 2004 and is now performed over 400,000 times annually worldwide. The procedure includes a soft tissue fixation device that holds the facial adjustment while the body heals. The Endotine Midface™ is a bio-absorbable implant which dissolves into the body in about six to twelve months. Bio-absorbable implants are used in a wide variety of today's modern medical procedures.

Dr. Schwartz reports that he routinely utilizes the Endotine™ system as part of a more comprehensive procedure for older men and women, but he has had an influx of requests from patients in their 20's, 30’s to their early 40’s.

"Some people express surprise at the thought of a facelift for a woman in her 20's, but the Endotine™ procedure works well for all ages," states Dr. Schwartz. "It doesn't just make a face look younger; it actually makes a face look prettier because the final result is a more aesthetically pleasing."

Dr. Robert Schwartz is a board certified, highly credentialed plastic surgeon and host of Plastic Surgery Today on the top-rated KLLI. He graduated summa cum laude from Yale University, was awarded a Regents Scholarship for academic excellence at ULCA School of Medicine, and completed his surgery residency at Harbor-UCLA Medical Center. Following this, he completed the plastic surgery fellowship at University of Texas Southwestern in Dallas; regarded as one of the top programs in the world. More information is available at

For more information or to book an interview with Dr. Robert Schwartz, contact Kimyla Stegall at Footwork Media at 214.826.4992.


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