Appetite Control in a Cup: Phytobase Nutritionals, Inc. Introduces LeanCaffe™

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Organic, Fair Trade Certified™ coffee boosts satiety with Hoodia Gordonii.

It's everything most consumers want in a superior cup of coffee -- organic, Fair Trade Certified™, shade-grown and full of flavor. But patent-pending Bon-Java LeanCaffe™ (, introduced this week by Phytobase Nutritionals, Inc. (, has something no other coffee does: African Hoodia Gordonii.

That means it doesn't just produce a nice caffeine buzz. With 950mg of Hoodia Gordonii in each cup, LeanCaffe is a safe but powerful appetite suppressant. Blended with fresh hazelnuts, French vanilla, and a touch of cinnamon, the Arabica coffee offers a rich flavor and full body with a creme finish.

Along with Hoodia Gordonii, which produces a feeling of satiety -- a key to consuming fewer calories -- LeanCaffe's proprietary formula includes Rhodiola rosea, an herb grown in eastern Siberia that has been dubbed "golden root" for its ability to boost energy and mental alertness, enhance the mood and increase the body's fat-burning mechanisms.

"People are looking for a wholesome way to eat and to control their appetites deliciously," stated Phytobase Nutritionals president Sam D. Gur. "LeanCaffe's rich combination of nature's finest ingredients does more than satisfy the taste buds; it satisfies the appetite. This is the first coffee that suppresses hunger naturally and safely."

LeanCaffe joins the popular ChocoLeans™ appetite-suppressing dark chocolate treats in the Phytobase Nutritionals lineup of Hoodia Gordonii products. The company was the first to pair Hoodia Gordonii with dark chocolate, just as it is the first to add Hoodia Gordonii to gourmet coffee.

As its natural ability to safely curb the appetite has become well-known in the last year, Hoodia Gordonii's popularity has exploded. A cactus-like succulent that grows in the Kalahari Desert of Africa, Hoodia Gordonii has been used by the indigenous people of the Kalahari for millennia to stave off hunger and keep their spirits up during long journeys. The plant has no known side effects.

"LeanCaffe has extraordinary health benefits," said Mr. Gur. "We have doctors using Phytobase products in their practices for the last year in various combinations and with great results. We are excited to introduce LeanCaffe to coffee lovers that want to control their appetites but still enjoy their morning cup of java."

About Phytobase Nutritionals, Inc.

Phytobase Nutritionals, Inc., is a research-driven company that specializes in developing cutting-edge functional foods as well as nutritional and personal care products. Along with LeanCaffe™ and ChocoLeans™, Phytobase Nutritionals, Inc.'s Hoodia Gordonii-based product line includes: Hoodia DeLite, a patent-pending chocolate meal replacement shake; and HoodiaLean capsules. All Phytobase products can be ordered through the company's Web site at

To learn more about Hoodia Gordonii and Bon-Java LeanCaffe, visit

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