5 Effective Ways To End The Torment Of Stress, Depression and Anxiety Without Taking Powerful Drugs

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Every year, 20 million citizens will endure the mental torment caused by stress, depression and anxiety. “Most sufferers aren’t provided with the correct information to help them recover and are placed on therapies that cannot cure them,” says Chris Green, author of “Conquering Stress.”

Drug therapy is the most common therapy prescribed for sufferers, and for many, it just masks the problem. Drugs are used to boost levels of neurotransmitters in the brain but depleted levels of neurotransmitters are not the root cause of these harrowing illnesses. Jim Harper of http://www.theroadback.org states clearly: “…it has never been proven that depression is based in neurotransmitters.”

A more effective method is to tackle the harmful thought processes common to all sufferers. Here are five ways to help ease the torment.

1. Start and end each day in a positive way. Listen to upbeat music, and avoid reading or watching anything too heavy. For example, starting the day by watching an hour-long news bulletin filled with images of war, crime and disasters is not a good way to brighten moods.

2. Take a daily 20-minute “time-out” from the firing line to rest. Turn off mobile phones and pagers, switch off the mind, relax and enjoy the peace and quiet.

3. Accept change. Change is the one constant in life and refusing to accept change is harmful. Embrace changes and use them as an opportunity to grow.

4. Try not to assign single negative outcomes to problems. Single negative outcomes are rarely true and will trigger the fear response. Generate multiple outcomes to problems and work towards more positive solutions.

5. Sometimes, it's hard to cope with life. During these times, the plate is already full. Don’t pile the plate higher by making major, life-altering decisions. Postpone changes at work, relationship commitments, house moves etc. until the plate is less full and control has been regained.

Chris Green conquered five years of anxiety-induced depression without taking antidepressants. He is the author of the globally acclaimed book “Conquering Stress”, and the just released “Six Steps To Happiness”, a new e-course to help people beat stress, depression and anxiety without taking drugs. It can be freely downloaded from the author’s website at: http://www.conqueringstress.com


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