It’s a Zucchini. It’s a Cucumber. No, it’s a Gourdament

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And a super Gourdament at that. Come witness the mysterious super powers of artist Devon Cameron’s gourd creations at New York’s International Gift Fair this January.

Zucchinis and cucumbers may provide food for the body, but it is their cousin, the hard-shelled gourds, that emerge from Devon’s upstate New York studio with magical, soul-sustaining powers. Grown on vines, they are dried for several weeks to several months until their shells are hard and wood-like—durable enough to last millennia in Egyptian tombs and to resist the most determined kryptonite attack. Devon’s gourds enjoy an added array of super powers absorbed from the artist’s creative humor and sense of whimsy.

Gourdaments, a company founded by Devon in 2002, wholesales to more than 275 shops and galleries worldwide. Folk-art roosters and cats, the original super Gourdaments, are still the most popular collections, with cows, pigs, and dogs close behind. Gourdament birdhouses have been giving refuge to many birds around the country since their introduction this past year, even if they do take form as cats.

Devon attributes the success of her gourd creations to their winsome design and natural roots:

Every gourd has a spirit, just like people. It is an artist’s responsibility to capture this gourd spirit through design and allow it to live on through his or her creations. In Mexico, gourds are considered houses for the spirits. When spirits come back to visit us on earth, they return through the gourd.

"I think many people are drawn to my gourds as they search for decorative items that are not mass-produced and plastic," Devon said. "They sense the unique spirit of mother nature lurking inside each Gourdament. "

Needless to say, Gourdaments make super gifts.

What’s new in 2006?

Devon has created three sister witches--“The Banana Witch Trio”–-from Mother Nature’s more eccentric hard-shelled gourd shapes: the banana gourd. Bessie is Bossy, Morag is Messy, and Miff is a bit free spirited. All three are dressed in their finest with spider buttons and polka-dotted warts. Their flowing, iron grey, wool locks add to their “natural beauty.”

Experience the spirit of the super gourd by visiting Gourdaments at the North Pavilion, Booth number 9226, January 28th to February 1st at the New York International Gift Fair.


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