New Self Contained Growing Environment for Gardeners Provides Total Security

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Homegrown Hydroponics has recently released a series of self contained growing machines geared towards the indoor or hobbyist gardener. Now indoor gardeners can grow with hydroponics year round, with an effortless turnkey system, right in their own homes. These growing cabinets provide total security, and a perfect environment to grow anything from herbs to tomatoes right at home; effortlessly! Provides an excellent alternative to expensive professionally grown hydroponic herbs.

Homegrown Hydroponics ( of Ft. Lauderdale Florida is a start-up manufacturing company filling a much needed niche. On the heels of the current organic health food craze, Homegrown Hydroponics provides an alternative to expensive store bought organic foods. With the new release of their "Stealth Cab Series" anyone can grow their own fresh herbs on their countertop, all year round.

Howard Birnbaum, owner and operator of Homegrown Hydroponics had this to say "We make growing your favorite vegetables possible, without much effort using our grow cab series. Now housewives can grow fresh basil, or tomatoes right on their countertop. Imagine serving fresh vegetables, homegrown without any chemicals, without even having to even step outside! You can feed your family the most healthy of organically grown foods, knowing they are completely chemical free. And at the same time, the entire family can marvel at the amazing growth rate of hydroponics. Up to 10x faster than soil and without nasty fertilizers."

Mr. Birnbaum is referring to their new Stealth line of grow cabinets, which are futuristic, yet contemporary cabinets that can sit on your countertop or in any room of the house. Contained within the un-assuming black cabinet is a myriad of lights, timers, and electronics all run in-sync with each other to provide a perfect growing environment for any short, bushy plant. Cold air is brought in from below or behind the cabinets, while hot air is exhausted by a series of fans. Odor from stinky plants such as garlic is even reduced to the faintest of smells from a built in carbon scrubber, available on the higher end models.

Howard Birnbaum explains "These systems are truly turn-key driven. Anyone with a little patience and a small green thumb can easily grow vegetables and fruits like the professionals. These systems are completely automated, and self contained environments for plants. There really isn't much to it. Add seeds, a little bit of water, and sit back and watch as nature take it's course!"

"What's really special about these items is how they blend in perfectly with home decor." One model that is particularly sleek features stainless steel doors, and an electronic indoor outdoor thermometer to constantly observe temperature, and a programmable digital timer straight out of the Jetson's. When the doors are opened, a billowing bright light and flourishing sea of green leaves is revealed.

The Stealth series grow cabinets are available in black and silver finishes, and range in size from small to large. The small hydroponic system can house around 7 plants, while the largest in the series is 8 feet tall, and can comfortably fit up to 30 individual plants.

An employee of Homegrown Hydroponics had this to say "We are using Aeroponic technology. The most state of the art, and reliable hydroponic system currently available. Basically water containing plant nutrients is shot out of a series of micro-jet sprayers at such high pressure, the liquid turns to a fine mist. The mist is then effortlessly absorbed by the plants roots, maintaining a high ratio of oxygen to dissolved solids. Plants thrive in these type of environments, as they don't have to work for their food."

Similar technology has been used by commercial hydroponic gardeners, growing in the unsurpassable heat of the desert in Israel, to the freezing cold winter months of Alaska, with outstanding results. Hydroponically grown plants can now be grown anywhere, any time regardless of the conditions outside. Homegrown Hydroponics has brought the joy of growing home; in the digital age.

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