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Most people now have, or will have, photographs stored in shoeboxes, in photo albums; photos framed and hanging from their walls, photos stored on a cell phone, stored on a digital camera, stored on a film camera, stored on flash cards, stored on an iPod or MP3 player, stored on CDs, stored on the hard drive of a computer, and stored on online photos sharing internet sites. The point is, there are now more ways to lose personal photos then ever before. In response, PictureRite announces the rollout of the Guardian photo protection service.

Most online services operate on a model that tightly restricts the use of the service

Each year, thousands of personal photographs are lost to disasters and accidents. In addition, new technology has encouraged people to store photographs online or on hard drives, giving them more ways to lose their photos then ever before. Hard drive crashes, flash cards, and unreliable online photo storage services have wiped out countless irreplaceable photo collections. Recognizing a need in the marketplace for photo security, PictureRite Corporation has launched Guardian Photo Protection, a service created to preserve the moments captured in personal photographs. Guardian guarantees that baby pictures and pictorial family histories won’t get wiped out in one of the types of disasters seen recently in the news.

Guardian Photo Protection is the first service of its kind. The service caters to average families, whose photographs mark time in meaningful images--the candid and the posed, the perfect and the off-center--all heirlooms that will define the past for future generations. Offering duplication of photographs offline and archiving them in multiple locations, Guardian ensures the security of all items placed in their care.

The Guardian system is simple to use. Customers send in their pictures on CDs that are then stored in high resolution according to each customer’s instructions. Storing photos in high resolution allows for flexible use of photos in the future. Prints, for example, produce better quality enlargements from high-resolution photos. There are several procedures in place to ensure the photos are not abandoned and that the pictures are accessible if a customer becomes unable to maintain their account.

Lisa Adams, Vice President of Sales, emphasized that traditionally stored photographs do not hold up well with the passing of time. “Things like fires, floods, storms, and even family disagreement can bring irreparable harm to precious photographs. Since we all know that photographs are much more than a piece of paper or a digital image file, it just makes sense to preserve the visual records in the best way possible. It is important that they don’t get lost in the daily shuffle of our lives,” said Adams. She noted that many people are fooled into a false sense of security by online photo-sharing offerings, clearly distancing her company’s offer from these misleading services.

According to Adams, online photo-sharing is restrictive and not as secure as they are often promoted to be. “Most online services operate on a model that tightly restricts the use of the service,” explained Adams, “forget to login, or in some cases, make a purchase, and your account and your photos will be deleted. If a loved one becomes incapacitated or passes away, it can be impossible to retrieve their photos from the service.”

Another common misconception is that photographs are safe when stored on personal computers. And while the photographs might be saved from age and damage, the same disasters that can wipe out a traditional photo album collection can wipe out the family computer in an instant. When this happens, it is virtually impossible to retrieve lost data--lost memories. Since Guardian stores the media offline, photos are more secure than with any other storage method that exists today.

Fees for the Guardian service start at only $.50 per month. PictureRite Corporation’s pricing structure is significant as it can cost hundreds of dollars per year to store photos in high resolution using data archival services. Guardian is able to offer fantastic rates to customers because the service relies on a low-tech storage method. Depositors may also submit movies on CDs and DVDs for archival. Designed from the ground up for photographs, Guardian Photo Protection is available now and can be purchased at the PictureRite Corporation’s website:


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