The $1,000 Mogul: Can $1,000 Build A Blog Network?

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How one man is intent on becoming a Blogging Leviathan on an Investment of only $1,000 and a couple of good friends.

November 2005: It’s funny how ‘The Muse’ can strike at the strangest of moments, often when you’re looking completely the other way. Take Big Blog Media for example, an inspired new Network start-up with a refreshing agenda.

Founder, Dave Ward was sitting on his patio enjoying a light breeze and banana daiquiri, watching the yachts glide by, when the embryo of a thought hit him. Being the kind of guy that likes to take things to their logical conclusion, he called a friend and soon there were two guys sipping Daiquiris.

Nassau, Bahamas, January 2006:

With an initial investment of only $1,000 and the support of a few good friends, Dave’s ready to launch. He feels he has an inspired take on the current evolution of ‘Internet Blogging’ in that he looks at it with a sense of déjà vu and if history repeats itself.

In Dave’s opinion, the new web 2.0 revolution is rather like the early days of web in the 1990's and in these formative times he can use his internet experience of 9 years to beg, borrow and barter his way to a profitable company. His formula:

Traffic + Revenue = Success

"I am not saying its going to be easy but it is possible," said the 41-year-old father of two. While the $1000 will obviously not support the business; it is, in his opinion, enough to get the business up and running. Beyond this point, he is very clear that “it’s about bringing in sponsorship and good management.”

He sees no need for fancy offices, or expensive market research - the market exists. “I don't need a few million dollars to carry superficial executives while we waste the venture capitalists money, I watched that happen in the first internet boom. I will recruit people who believe in this project and will come and work for future profits, not a fat paycheck from investors.”

He has been very clear in his approach to this undertaking. “The first thing I did was to make a deal to cover my hosting for the first 6 months.” Pelican Internet ( has given it gratis in return for advertising space on the network. A situation that most would find agreeable.

“Next I need to attract some talented bloggers to join us and create a network of quality content,” says Dave. Dave thinks blogs will be a major advertising source in the future, he realizes of course, at this moment in time, the general opinion is they are too small and big companies won't advertise on blogs, but then he remembers the same things been said about sites like Yahoo and advertising on the internet in general five years ago.

Dave is documenting his adventures on his own blog -, anyone wishing to join the BigBlog media network, or write for BigBlog media should visit


James Butterworth

BigBlog Media


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