Our Love Affair With Sports Stadiums: Ashes, Marriage and Aerial Views

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Recently some event have made clear the publics love affair with sports stadiums. A man ran onto the field and spread ashes of his mother onto the field of their favorite football team. Several people decided to get married in the stadium of their local baseball team. A new website shows all the NFL, NBA and NHL stadiums on its site from aerial views.

On Sunday November 27th 2005 Christopher Noteboom was arrested after running onto Lincoln Financial Field during a Philadelphia Eagles game and spreading the ashes of his mother. Noteboom said his mother was a huge Eagles fan and he wanted her ashes to be always be a "part of Lincoln Financial Field and the Eagles". This act caught the attention of millions around the world.

Dozens of times every year couples chose to get married at baseball, football and hockey stadiums in the USA and around the world. Their love for their favorite team and stadium is the perfect place to show their love for each other. Getting married in front of tens of thousands of strangers may seem unusual to some, but to these people this is their home and the fans in the stadiums are their family.

The publics love affair with stadiums can be traced back centuries. The Roman Colosseum was built between 70 and 82 AD and could hold 50,000 people. It is one of the great ancient buildings of the world. The love for this stadium, or amphitheater, is still strong now after 2000 years. Now it is for the historical architecture. When it was in use, the love may have been different. It was used for brutal and deadly gladiator battles. To love the Colosseum back then you would have to be a sadistic fan.

Now the love for Stadiums is as strong as ever. Tim Phelan, owner of the new web site http://www.stadiumfind.com says he has seen the strong feelings that people have for stadiums and can understand to a certain degree why. " A stadium is almost like a church to some people. You will hear the word cathedral used by some fans even."

Then with a snicker Phelan adds " I know one thing is true. I have seen many fans with their hands cupped together and praying during game. Usually at the end of a game when they need a touchdown or a home run."

Stadiumfind.com shows aerial views of sports stadiums. Every stadium in the NHL, NFL, NBA and MLB is shown from satellite photos using a new technology. Phelan says that many people just like having the site as a home page and having their favorite stadium showing. There is also replicated stadiums sold at the site along with sports related products such as team uniforms, hats, cups, tickets, etc...

The average person may not love a stadium enough to spread the ashes of their mother onto a football field or to get married at a stadium, but the love affair the public has with stadiums is remarkable for a large percentage of fans.

One word of caution:

If you do decide to spead someone's ashes it may be a good idea to get permission from the stadium first. With the current terrorist threats we face it can be dangerous to jump onto a field and spread a powdered substance.


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