Mushroom Clouds: Coming to a Town Near You?

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Loose nukes and Star Gate 9/11. Warp drives and wormholes. Vacuum reaction weapons. Skinwalkers and more. Starstream Research examines how the U.S. Government intends to leap beyond science fiction on a quest for the ultimate weapons. A preview of a multipart feature.

Starstream Research uncovers new evidence that America's DIA psychic intelligence agents viewed information warning of the rise of Usama bin Ladin and the devastating attacks of September 11, 2001.

Thirty four years and millions of dollars later, CIA documents reveal the amazing success and failures of Star Gate, the formerly top secret intelligence agency programs used to "remote view" information that couldn't be accessed by any normal means of collection. Among the latest finds, a 1987 CIA released DIA document that identifies "Project 911," and drawings that strongly resemble Usama bin Ladin before and after the 9/11 attacks. Readers can view some of the original declassified CIA and DIA documents and drawings at the Starstream Research web site:

Psychic war on terror

According to British author and filmmaker Jon Ronson, following the 9/11 attacks, psychic Uri Geller was reactivated into the ranks of intelligence agency psychic spy. Ronson claims that Uri Geller was reticent to speak of his work with the American CIA, but broke down and revealed one interesting tidbit of information. Ronson claims that Uri told him that the name of the man who reactivated his mental powers for intelligence was called Ron. Ronson also writes that America's DIA trained psychic intelligence sources are viewing mushroom clouds over numerous cities in the homeland. Taken in tandem with the constant internet rumors of loose nukes, the psychic spies may have been secretly reactivated.

Weird Science

One unnamed high level source has confirmed that paranormal data was discussed by members of an elite government committee. The source confirmed that the strange events investigated by Las Vegas businessman Bob Bigelow's National Institute of Discovery Sciences (NIDS) have been the topic of discussion between members at DIA sponsored meetings on the threats of emerging technologies.

Dr. Eric Davis, author of a highly controversial report on teleportation commissioned by the U.S. Air Force, has also been very forthcoming answering questions about observations of strange creatures and other anomalous phenomena made by NIDS personnel at Bigelow's Skinwalker Ranch. The Skinwalker is a shape shifting being said to haunt this remote part of Utah near Salt Lake City. Strange creatures, strange objects, floating black triangles, animal mutilations, disintegrated dogs, telepathic messages - a smorgasbord of every strange and imaginable terror has been served to those unfortunates spending any period of time at the ranch, as reported in "Hunt for the Skinwalker" by former NIDS staff scientist Colm A. Kelleher, and veteran UFO reporter George Knapp. In the Air Force report Davis examines potential scientific explanations for the weird phenomena, including spacetime wormholes, teleportation, and manipulation of the quantum vacuum.

Vacuum reaction weapons

According to Stanford Professor Leonard Susskind, the laws of physics emerge from a vast infinite cosmic landscape of the quantum vacuum. At least one Russian physicist has been writing about altering the laws of physics since the early 1990's. Given that the laws of physics are encoded in the cosmic landscape, they appear to be safely protected from human tampering. On the other hand, any experiment that accidentally ruptures the wall of our universe might create an unstoppable vacuum reaction, spreading out at the speed of light. It is well known that such a vacuum reaction would not only destroy the entire earth, the sun, and all of the stars in our galaxy, it would eventually destroy the entire observable universe.

The primary conceptual basis for the Space Time Threat Assessment Reports comes from the reports of anomalous information appearing within human perception. Copies of some of original CIA STAR GATE documents,including "Project 911" and predictions of terror attacks using airplanes can been seen at the Starstream Research website.


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