Telomolecular Announces Private Placement of $3 Million

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Telomolecular announces private placement of $3 million for the development of commercial products that repair degraded chromosomal telomeres in living animals.

Telomolecular Corp. has announced a private placement in the amount of $3 million to be used in the development of commercial products that repair degraded chromosomal telomeres in living animals. Repairing degraded telomeres in vivo may correct a variety of devastating and presently incurable age-related diseases such as macular degeneration, atherosclerosis, arteriosclerosis, liver cirrhosis, and other degenerative disorders caused by telomere shortening. Telomere therapy based on Telomolecular nanotechnologies represents the first practical step in rejuvenating human beings and extending their lifespans considerably.

The company intends to release a line of cosmetic products that are expected to rejuvenate skin and fibroblast tissues in March of 2007, followed much later, upon FDA approval, by general and targeted pharmaceutical products useful in the treatment of aging and age-related disease. The company also intends to “rejuvenate” “make young again” a living sheep in October of 2006 by delivering certain proteins such as telomerase reverse transcriptase in vivo with a new FDA approved protein delivery technology. The company plans to name the animal “Dolly Two” in honor of the famous cloned sheep “Dolly” who aged prematurely as a result of being born with abnormally short chromosomal telomeres.

According to Chief Executive Officer, Matthew A. Sarad “In respect to significant technological advances, the world often expects due delay, however, we feel that working products capable of significantly reversing the process of human aging, in safe ways, will soon make an impact on international financial markets. The Corporation is targeting outside investors that might also make good industry partners such as Amgen, Aastrom Biosciences, ICOS Corporation, Geron Corp. and other such entities.”

About Telomolecular

Telomolecular Corp. was organized with the purpose of engineering a new class of drugs that deliver large-molecule proteins important in the treatment of aging and age-related disease across human cell membranes. Telomolecular’s nanotechnologies work in living animals and have been used to deliver a wide variety of therapeutic large-molecules that were previously considered too large and complex to deliver intracellularly through traditional gene therapies. The corporations principals lead three successful public offerings in FY 2005. The corporation's attorney Mr. Rod Underhill was a cofounder of and helped engineer their 6.9 billion dollar public offering.

Telomolecular Investor Relations

Mr. Matthew A. Sarad

Direct: 916-410-8681

Toll-Free: 800-679-5085

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