Coastal Vacations Director Dean Marino Explains Safeguards in Place to Protect Integrity of Sales Center System

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Coastal Vacations Director Dean Marino responded to questions about the potential for a conflict of interest at the Coastal Vacations Sales Center while on a recent conference call. Marino explained why potential members need not be concerned about the matter, and discussed the numerous safeguards in place to protect the integrity of the system.

In less than a year the Coastal Vacations Sales Center has become the largest worldwide marketer of Coastal Vacations travel products in both volume and revenue generated. The original Coastal Call Center has now taken the Sales Center name to better describe the extent of their services. They also wanted to distance themselves from call centers that have sprung up where coastal members just have an extra phone ringing in their home, and call that a call center. It's no wonder that associates in the Coastal program not associated with the Sales Center system have been taking their shots at the integrity of the system itself. The Sales Center has answered back with record sales for months, but on a recent conference call Coastal Vacations Director Dean Marino responded with facts.

"To fully understand the question," Marino said, "We must first explain the Coastal Vacations Sales Center system, and how that differs from the conventional business model with Coastal Vacations that has existed for over 10 years."

In the traditional business, associates must find interested prospects by advertising or buying business opportunity leads from a company that generates them. The associates must call and email the prospects and lead them to websites, and conference calls. They then continue to follow up with the prospects to potentially close sales, collect the money and ship the product. The associates operating the traditional business must then teach their new associates to chase leads the same way. It can be a long and arduous process, but when done correctly, associates can earn $1000 or more. The major problem with the traditional system is that most people lack the sales skills required to close sales of such large ticket items that peak out at over $10,000. Others have difficulty finding time to make all the phone calls and complete all the follow-up that is required for success. As a result, the overwhelming majority of new associates in any business with this type of sales model fail to ever earn a check.

The Coastal Vacations Sales Center has made success much less fleeting for new associates by creating a more user friendly system, and dealing head on with the reasons most new associates have failed with the traditional business model. In the Sales Center model, associates need not become master salespeople to enjoy success. Associates can find interested prospects several ways, including those employed in the traditional business. They lead them into the Sales Center system where they can first view a fast paced flash movie before entering an informative marketing website where they learn more about the system, and the travel products. On the website, through email, and by an outbound calling system available to Sales Center associates, the prospects are invited to join a content rich interactive conference call. The final step for prospects is to call in with the member's ID number and speak with a Sales Center representative who will answer any remaining questions they may have, do follow-up calls as needed, close the sale, collect the money, and ship the product. The system has allowed many who did not have the skill or time to experience success with the traditional business to earn a much better than average income from home. More information about the Sales Center System can be found at

When the integrity of the system was questioned, Marino did not avoid the question, in fact, he seemed happy it was asked, and was eager to respond to it. For months those not associated with the system have had great difficulty selling against it. Some have resorted to outright lies, but others have simply done their best to make prospects fearful of the system. They have implied that there is a possibility that leads could be stolen from associates. The question asked of Marino by a potential member was this "How do we know that if a prospect calls in with our ID number, it will not be stolen by the sales representative?"

Marino's response was as follows: "First off, there is no reason for a Sales Center rep to do nothing other than place that prospect's information in the prospects area of your website, and there are several safeguards in place to make sure that is what happens. Sales Center reps are not members of Coastal, in fact, the employment contract they sign includes a non-compete clause. They cannot be members of Coastal as a condition of their employment. If they leave the Sales Center, they cannot become members of Coastal for 5 years.

"The second gatekeeper of integrity is the prospects area of your personal website. You can see real time results. You can see who has called from your marketing efforts as it happens. You can read notes our reps wrote about your prospects, like what their questions were, and when they plan to get started. The thing is, when a prospect calls in, the rep has no idea if you just talked to the prospect and told them to call in to see how it all works before they join, or if the prospect just called in out of the blue without your knowledge. Our reps are well paid. They are not the kind of people selling magazine subscriptions over the phone. We have payed some of them over six or seven thousand dollars a week in commission. They are not going to jeopardize that kind of income. They are going to put each lead in the back office of the right member.

"I'd also like to answer a question you didn't ask yet, but may be thinking. What if someone calls in ready to pay the money to get started right away, but they have don't have an ID number? That situation is very rare because the member's ID number and Sales Center phone number are both on the member's website, and on the emails generated by the system. Just about any place they find that 800 number will also have the member's ID number. Once in a blue moon when an individual does call in without an ID number, we politely ask them to go back where they found the phone number, and call back with the ID number to go forward. The Sales Center reps do not even go into details about the business until they have an ID number."

Guests on the call, including the person asking the question, seemed more than satisfied with Marino's in depth and straightforward answer. In fact, later in the call several of the guests indicated they were ready to get started with the Sales Center. To learn more about the Coastal Vacations Sales Center system, including how to join in on a live Q&A conference call visit

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