Email Marketing Pitfalls: Even Profitable Email Campaigns Are Damaging Your Business Reputation and Valuable Brand Name

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Email campaigns are damaging your brand and placing your business reputation at great peril. Even if the campaigns are generating a ROI they're slowly chipping away at your brand name and your legitimacy as a sender of business email.

ActivSoftware ( today officially released its enterprise level email management, marketing and server system. This new system is the integration of ActivSoftware's XM Mail Server and new database driven, email marketing system. The email marketing system is the new evolution of the previously available ActivMailMan ASP-model marketing system. The system can be purchased independently from operating system constraints as it functions on almost all common operating systems.

According to Rob Thrasher, PR Director at ActivSoftware, "Email was built for geeks to share files across distances. It was never intended for use as a business communications tool. Nor should it be used for that without the right systems in place. Whether you are an outsourced email provider or using email as a business tool in-house for order notices, etc, you need to get your act together!"

Thrasher continued, "A recent article published by MarketingSherpa shed some intense light on the email industry. In summary, it stated that the industry is booming despite its immaturity and numerous problems. When it finally has its ducks in a row it should prove to be enormously valuable as a business asset. A former Email Service Provider VP said that what's behind the curtain of this industry is ugly. Another top executive at an ESP firm said the industry has to grow up. And lastly, an Internet Director at a trade publishing company said choosing between ESP's is choosing the lesser of two evils."

This candid and secret insider information is exactly why software firms such as ActivSoftware and others have embarked upon a road to make the software work more efficiently. Many of the 'ugliness' described by this industry insider is caused by out of date server software. Email server software is decades old. It is the only business tool that has stalled for so long in the history of business in the modern era.

The fact that the email firms are succeeding despite themselves should not act as a reason to ignore the problems. To do this is the equivalent of ignoring a 20% ROI could be a 40% ROI. Worse yet, the 20% ROI might enrage 10% of your existing happy customers in lieu of the ROI. This is not a solid long term strategy. The best case scenario is the 40% ROI that does not miff any existing happy customers and even could build to a 50% ROI over longer periods of time. Don't sacrifice higher ROI and miff customers and lose email readers for a short term boost.

About ActivSoftware (

The ActivSoftware Email Marketing & Server Suite is the only combination server and marketing system that constantly works to protect your reputation with email recipients and recipient servers. The email management system integrates directly with your corporate database to prevent sending similar email messages numerous times to otherwise happy customers. By connecting directly to your firms database you avoid many embarrassing situations and gain the ability to 'hyper-customize' email messages.

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Rob is a nationally published author on topics from house and home to Web marketing and search engine optimization. Rob has conducted numerous research case studies for various business groups and regularly speaks at schools of higher education. Rob founded New Millennium Minds about a year ago generating a solid reader base of over twenty thousand.


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