Altavas District Hospital to Host Rizal-MacArthur Memorial Foundation Medical Mission

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A medical mission by the Rizal-MacArthur Memorial Foundation has been planned for the Altavas District Hospital. The mission will arrive in Altavas on January 30th 2006.

For the first time since its establishment, Altavas Emergency Hospital, now known as Altavas District Hospital will host a Medical Mission sponsored by the Rizal-MacArthur Memorial Foundation (RMMF), Wisconsin based charitable organization. Dr. Alex Vinluan, a distinguished Filipino surgeon in Wisconsin and Chairman of RMMF in Milwaukee will head the mission that will arrive Aklan on January 30th 2006. Accompanying Dr. Vinluan will be a team of American and Filipino doctors and nurses including the mission coordinator P. Emraida Kiram, Executive Secretary of RMMF.

The mission has been a driven by Ray Villar's initiative. Ray is a native of Sapian, Capiz and has attended school in Altavas during his elementary and high school days. He has served as Altavasnon USA/Canada laison to the Rizal-MacArthur Memorial Foundation. He is a businessman in Chicago and a member of the Board of Trustee of the foundation from 1976 to 1995. He also works actively as Director of the Chicago Philippine American Chamber of Commerce. Ray had been instrumental in coordinating efforts of RMMF to donate beds to Altavas Emergency Hospital in the 1983.

Sometime last year, Ray, with his charitable spirit and genuine concern for Altavas, once again reponded to the ALTAVASNON USA/Canada's desire to help the Altavas District Hospital. Among other things, he spoke to the RMMF about the Altavas District Hospital and the health needs of the people of Altavas. In no time, P. Emraida Kiram informed Ray that the RMMF has offered to conduct a medical mission to Altavas. P.Kiram wasted no time to communicate with Dr. Kathryne B. Refol, the hospital's Chief of Staff. Dr. Refol in another telephone conversation mentioned that she had spoke to Barangay health workers who are assisting her in the initial screening of patients as part of the preparation for the Mission. Dr. Refol and her staff are excited and look forward to this humanitarian effort on the part of the Rizal -MacArthur Memorial Foundation. "I too am excited for my own hometown community who will benefit from this mission. I sincerely hope that this mission will increase the initiative of our own provincial and national healthcare authorities to offer additional help towards the legitimate health needs of the people of Altavas, as well as the environmental and structural needs of the Altavas District Hospital," expressed by Teresita Refol, former Chairman and active member of Altavasnon USA/Canada.


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The Rizal-MacArthur Memorial Foundation (RMMF) is a non-profit charitable organization. The RMMF is under the direction of a Board of Trustees composed of medical doctors, and civic minded members of the community. The RMMF collects medical equipment, supplies, educational materials and myriad other articles for eventual shipment to the Philippines. These goods are stored at a Trustee's office basements at no cost. In between soliciting and collecting, the RMMF embarks on numerous fund raising efforts to raise money for crating and shipping. In recent years, the RMMF has embarked on furthering its goals by going on Medical Missions, with its Trustees leading the way. Missions are now organized every two years. The Rizal-MacArthur Memorial Foundation can be reached by the following address:

Rizal-MacArthur Memorial Foundation

756 N 35th St., Suite 201

Milwaukee, WI 53208

(414) 229-4277

Altavasnon USA/Canada is an non-profit organization started as a grass root effort by natives of Altavas, Aklan. The group provides a support structure for families from Altavas (Altavasnons) and help promote a better quality of life in their hometown of Altavas. Over the years, Altavasnon USA/CANADA has lead the way in creating projects to promote the standard of living in Altavas, Aklan. Altavasnon USA/Canada can be contacted via their website at


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