Controversial New Strategy to Get Promoted

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Most people start each New Year with a goal to move ahead in their career and yet end up falling short. Author and entrepreneur Frank F. Lunn reveals a controversial new strategy to getting a promotion.

How to Make This New Year’s Resolutions STACK up.

Conventional wisdom is to work hard, learn every aspect of the job and ultimately become indispensable. The conventional thinking is that achieving a status of 'non-replaceable' will provide job security and that much desired promotion. "Absolutely the wrong approach," asserts Frank F. Lunn, entrepreneur and author of Carpe Aqualis! “Seize the Wave” – 7 Essential Surfing Skills to Revolutionize Your Business and Personal Life. He explains that today’s workplace is far different from our grandparents or even our parents. In today’s ultra-competitive, fast-paced, ever-changing workplace, the fastest path to a promotion is the exact opposite. He believes the key is to become completely replaceable.

Successful people know the secret skills to get promoted and continually strive to achieve more by serving more. Lunn offers, "The controversial strategy to being promoted is simple: learn to make yourself replaceable. Stop looking at other people as competition. Instead, share information, teach others adding value to them and your organization. This demonstrates real leadership. True leaders inspire others to improve and make it easier for them to do so. Strengthening others actually strengthens themselves and in the process delivers real value to the company.”

Leaders who actually live teamwork see the benefits of shared creativity and productivity. People who let the fear of someone replacing them stop them from adding value to their teammates, robs the entire organization. Lunn challenges, "People looking to gain an advantage by holding back the progress of others might have their day, but they will never have long-term success. Think about it another way. If you are so indispensable your employer can't afford to fire you, how could they possibly consider promoting you? Instead, look for ways to teach others and assist in their growth. Don't control… contribute."

Lunn believes that applying this controversial strategy of being replaceable will act as a catalyst for the success of others and will go a long way toward achieving a promotion. This is really a straightforward approach of adding organizational value by achieving victories through the victories of others.

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Frank F. Lunn is an expert in leadership and small business entrepreneurship. The president and CEO of Kahuna Business Group, Frank is the author of Carpe Aqualis! "Seize the Wave” - 7 Essential Surfing Skills to Revolutionize Your Business and Personal Life. Equip yourself with the tools to transform your life by reading Carpe Aqualis! “Seize the Wave.” Find out more at and receive a special report on “How to Make This New Year’s Resolutions STACK up.”


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