Billion Dollar Real Estate Developer, Author and Owner Colm Dillon Launches a World First ‘One-On-One’ Mentor Service for Real Estate Developers

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This newly launched ‘One-On-One’ mentoring for real estate developers is a world first in the unique Real Estate Development business and is provided by Colm Dillon, who is a Billion dollar developer, author and owner of

Billion dollar developer, successful author and owner Colm Dillon, responded to demand from his readers and launched his World First Private ‘One-On-One’ Mentor Service for real estate developers today - ‘From His Desk To Yours’.

Since the publication of his highly successful, ‘Real Estate Development Made Easy’ e-book, Colm Dillon has resisted taking on private mentoring for almost three years.

“However,” he said at his launch today, “readers and students urged me for months to provide mentoring, so I did a three month trial with real developers. The results confirmed that development leaders benefit a great deal by having a mentor to talk too who has operated at the same level of responsibility as they have”.

With over $1.2 Billion worth of real estate developments under my belt, Colm Dillon says, ‘I’ve ridden the same wave as these guys are on now; so we talk the same language; plus I’m outside their business, not in active competition, so the conversation flows easily.”

At his launch Dillon emphasized the unique nature of the real estate development business; so there are very few people, that developers can talk too about the challenges they face or new ideas they want to introduce. “They feel ‘isolated,” he said, “by their own success and ‘the shaving mirror’ only tells you what you already know!”

“They are just like sports stars who need coaches and mentors,” he continued, “except with developers’ the sports ball is millions of dollars with severe penalty if you ‘drop it.’ So yeah, they need someone ‘who’s been there and done that’ to bounce ideas off or to discuss current challenges. At lease that’s what they tell me.”

Digging further into Colm Dillon’s passion for development he revealed that, “during a private mentoring session, once we resolve the latest challenge being faced, we get on to the best part; exchanging ideas.

Ideas that have worked elsewhere in markets I know about, but are new in their neck of the woods. So much of our work is repetitive, that a new idea is precious and gives a market edge.”

Dillon is a passionate advocate for the massive community contribution developers make and comments that, “we (developers) are excellent at marketing our developments, but not good at marketing our contribution to our society.

Of course we create wealth for ourselves,” he continued, “but people don’t understand that when a developer commits $20 million, $100 million or $500 million to a project, the economic multiplier benefit to the community is around 2.3 times that amount.

That means there is $46 million, $230 million or $1.15Billion going around buying steel from the steel mill, cement, bricks and washing machines. Those manufacturers pay worker’s wages and that buys groceries, pay schools fees, pays teachers salaries and so on.

So when you look at say, Donald Trump and other developer’s personal wealth, people should also look at the massive social capital contribution these guys make to the wealth of the country. Unfortunately many people only see the big cars, big offices and sleek aircraft.”

“It’s a real pity,” he concluded, “but many developers ‘leave money on the table’ on just about every property deal. You see many successful developers learned the business from the ‘school of hard knocks’ and are too successful to go back to school and that is where a mentor is a valuable resourse.

So ‘One-On-One’ mentoring for real estate developers is a world first in the unique real estate development business. A business that is a major wealth creator in all western economies and its leaders now have highly experienced, real world developer, to discuss issues with “From Their Desk To His” in total privacy.

For additional information on establishing a mentor relationship with Colm Dillon go to his web site where contact details are available. Being a personal One-On-One arrangement, the number of clients accepted will be very limited.

Colm Dillon has completed developments in the residential, commercial, resort and industrial market sectors to the value of over $1.2 Billion. He wrote the highly successful instructional e-book for new developers entitled, ‘Residential Development Made Easy’ that is being studied in 85 countries, including all States of the US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. He devotes a great deal of his time helping students through his Weekly Web Q & A Meeting where he answers students and guests development questions face to face; another world first innovation.


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