Cigar Humidor for Xmas Gift? Having Problems?

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Common errors recipients have with cigar humidors as Christmas gifts and how to fix them.

Many people received cigar humidors as Christmas gifts recently. Congratulations! Humidors make great holiday gifts for the cigar aficionado as they are essential in preserving and aging premium cigars.

However, many recipients report having problems in setting up their new humidor to maintain a constant level of humidity at the appropriate levels, reports Stephen Malan, owner of Humidor Vault, LLC, an online retailer of cigar humidors and cigar accessories.

“We receive emails all the time from customers having set-up problems with their new humidors” says Malan. “However, the steps required to fix these problems are very simple.”

Setting Up New Cigar Humidors:

According to Malan, the biggest error most people make is when they get their new humidor, they put their cigars in the humidor, fill the humidifier device with water and install the hygrometer and humidifier.

“People don’t realize that the average cigar, when it leaves the cigar manufacturer’s plant, contains approximately 14 percent moisture content. When people throw new cigars into new humidors, the humidors will suck up any moisture in the cigars, unless they have been properly charged,” says Malan.

That’s because the Spanish cedar lining found in most good cigar humidors has been kiln-dried to rid the wood of any naturally occurring oils or sap that could impart harmful flavors to cigars. The dry wood is a magnet for moisture in cigars unless the humidor has been properly charged. To charge the humidor, fill the humidification devices with a propylene glycol (PG) solution or distilled water, never use tap water, and place it in the empty humidor. Place a calibrated analog hygrometer or digital hygrometer inside the humidor, close the lid and wait! When the humidity level reaches 65-70%, place the cigars in the newly charged humidor. Depending on the size of the humidor, this may take up to seven days.

“I always recommend a seven-day waiting period just to be sure. You don’t want to risk ruining a $150 box of cigars over this,” Malan says. The humidor will not suck the moisture out of the cigars as it now has reached the optimum humidity level for cigars and it will keep the cigars in optimum shape for an extended period of time, reports Malan.

Recipients may also want to place their new humidors in a place that is not affected too much by outside temperature fluctuations. The ideal temperature for storing cigars in humidors is 70 degrees. If the home or office is subject to wide swings in temperature, then consider upgrading the humidor to one that has exterior walls that are about 7/8” thick rather than the standard ½” thick sidewalls found in most humidors.

“The thicker the side walls, the less your cigars will be affected by outside temperature swings,” says Malan. These obviously cost more but do a much better job in protecting your premium cigars.

Patience goes a long way with new cigar humidor. Don’t rush the process and enjoy those cigars!

Humidor Vault LLC, is a leading online retailer of Cigar Humidors, Cigar Accessories and Las Vegas Style Poker Chip Sets.

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