New Information about O2P™ Vitamin E Powder with Aloecorp's Qmatrix™ Aloe Now Available

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Effect of Aloe vera preparations on the human bioavailability of vitamins C and E*. Joe A.Vinson, Hassan Al Kharrat, and Lori Andreoli Department of Chemistry, University of Scranton, Scranton, PA, USA.

Results of a recent clinical study now offers the opportunity to expand an existing Vitamin E business or offer a Vitamin E product that is more than just another commodity vitamin.

As reported at the 2002 International Aloe Science Council (IASC) annual conference, and published in the Journal Phytomedicine (2005), Dr. J.A. Vinson presents human clinical data demonstrating increased bioavailability of vitamins C and E when taken in combination with 2 ounces Aloe vera (300 mg powder).

In this study subjects were given doses of vitamin C or E with or without aloe over a 24-hour period. Blood samples were drawn at the beginning of the study, before administration of vitamins, and periodically for 24 hours after administration of blinded test samples. Blood plasma was then analyzed to determine the concentration of each vitamin absorbed.

Results of Vitamin C Bioavailability

The concentration of vitamin C in the blood increased 204% after 8 hours, when taken in combination with Aloe gel. The data shows that the levels of vitamin C in the blood remained higher throughout the study period.

Results of Vitamin E Bioavailability

The bioavailability of vitamin E increased even more, 269% when taken with aloe gel. Similar to the results shown for vitamin C, vitamin E concentration in the blood increased dramatically after 6 hours and remained throughout the duration of the study.

O2P™ Vitamin E with Aloecorp’s Qmatrix™ processed aloe offers you a unique, clinically proven product that can extend your existing vitamin line or enable you to offer a vitamin product with exceptional performance properties.

Aloecorp’s patented Qmatrix™ processing technology offers the highest quality biologically active aloe available… with proven efficacy. Aloecorp is world-renowned as the leader in product based research insuring that you receive the health benefits you know and expect from Aloe vera.

Qmatrix™ is the latest development in quality Aloe vera manufacturing resulting from Aloecorp’s ongoing product based research. Qmatrix™ Processing is a synergy of scientifically developed processes designed to retain a higher degree of product freshness and biological activity than any other aloe production method in use today. Freshness was a key goal in the development of the Qmatrix™ Manufacturing Process, but it had to be combined with the retention of biological activity to meet Aloecorp’s expectations for efficacy and stability. Only Aloecorp has the knowledge and resources necessary to conceive of, evaluate and complete such an extensive reengineering of the aloe manufacturing process.

Aloe manufactured by the Qmatrix™ Proprietary Process combines a patented method of polysaccharide preservation, Process for the preparation of immunomodulatory polysaccharides from aloe (United States Patent 6,436,679), proprietary rapid high throughput processes (RHTP) and a patented Low temperature Short time (LTST) drying process that has been shown in published academic studies to provide superior retention of heat sensitive nutritional components along with color and flavor profiles superior to any other drying process. The remarkable results of the new Qmatrix™ Processing method can be found in the unparalleled quality of Aloecorp‘s Aloe vera raw material products.

Unlike other drying technologies, O2P™ does not alter the molecular structure, isomeric or fatty acid profile, or the nutritional value of the base oil. There is no introduction of heat or oxygen anywhere in the conversion process.

O2P™ uses a patented gravity flow process without the need for sprayers, blenders or other equipment that will generate heat and destabilize the oil. It operates at room temperature, retaining a nitrogen head throughout the process, thus preserving the original oil profile and limiting potential oxidation and stability problems.

For more information on these or other products, please contact NPRI at +1 702-871-6300.

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*Study sponsored by the Aloe Institute and the International Aloe Science Council.

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