American Diabetes Services Offers Free Diabetes Recipes for Optimal Diabetes Weight Management

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Get control of your diet and your diabetes in 2006.

If your New Year’s resolution is to help control your diabetes through diet and nutrition, American Diabetes Services wants to help.

“For our customers, diabetes weight management is a top priority,” said Lorne Yaffe, Vice President of Marketing for American Diabetes Services. “In addition to offering free diabetic supplies such as testing strips and meters, we’re now offering customers a recipe booklet containing free diabetes recipes to help them better manage their diabetes diet and nutrition needs.”

American Diabetes Services is offering downloadable, free recipe booklets filled with diabetes diet and nutrition tips and containing 50 mouthwatering free diabetes recipes from entrees, to side dishes, to snacks and desserts. To receive your free diabetes recipes booklet, simply visit and fill out a form to find out if you qualify for free diabetic supplies.

In a recent study, the American Diabetes Association estimated that 5.2 million Americans have diabetes and don't even know it. Diabetes is a disease in which your body is unable to properly use and store glucose (a form of sugar). Glucose backs up in the bloodstream -- causing your blood glucose or "sugar" to rise too high. The specific causes of diabetes depend on the type of diabetes that you're diagnosed with. One of the best ways to help control your disease is through diabetes weight management.

Follow these tips to help better control you diabetes.

1.    Monitor your blood sugar at least twice (preferably three times) a day - before meals.

2.    Take your medication correctly - read and following directions, watch expiration dates, and pay attention to any warning labels.

3.    Read food labels - the first thing to look at is SERVING SIZE. Then look at the carbohydrate per serving. Look also at the fat and calories, if appropriate. Do NOT look at the grams of sugar! Proper diabetes diet and nutrition is important to maintain control of your disease.

4.    Eat at regular times - try to stay within 1 hour each day of the usual meal times. Controlling your eating schedule will help you control your blood sugar and lead to better diabetes management. American Diabetes Services offers a variety of diabetes diet and nutrition tips.

5.    Learn the carbohydrate count of foods in the portions you commonly use. Use measuring cups for cereals, pasta, rice, soups and beans. Count out a serving of crackers, pretzels, chips and nuts. Don’t forget to get your free diabetes recipes booklet from American Diabetes services.

6.    Living with diabetes doesn't mean you can't eat out. Just make better selections when dining out. Eat smaller portions, ask for the food to be prepared in wine, not oil, order salad dressing on the side and dip and dip your fork. Avoid "sugar free" desserts and have a bite of a regular dessert.

7.    Exercise - with your doctor's approval, do some type of daily activity. The best time to exercise is about 30-60 minutes after breakfast or dinner. Exercise can help improve your body's use of insulin, giving you better diabetes control.

8.    Diabetics are more prone to foot problems, so make sure that proper foot care is part of your diabetes management.

9.     Examine your feet daily - do this with a mirror after you bathe. Always wear proper fitting shoes. Do not go barefoot or wear sandals.

10.    Don’t forget your heart -Heart disease causes 65 percent of deaths related to diabetic complications. Maintain good body weight, exercise and decrease the saturated fats as part of your diabetes weight management. This will go a long way towards better diabetes control and preventing heart disease.

About American Diabetes

American Diabetes is one of the nation's leading mail-order distributors of brand name diabetic supplies delivered directly to the individual's home. American Diabetes provides personalized customer service and reduced expenses to those with diabetes, often free diabetes supplies are delivered at no cost to the patient. also offers diabetes diet and nutrition tips as well as diabetes weight management advice through its free diabetes recipes booklets.

American Diabetes benefits include: free delivery directly to patient’s homes, no insurance paperwork to complete, no upfront costs or waiting weeks or months for reimbursement, diabetes supplies delivered at very low or no cost to you. American Diabetes is a supplier of all the leading national brands. Leading products include: One Touch Ultra, Accu-Chek Compact, and Abbott FreeStyle.

American Diabetes is a Medicare participating provider and specializes in providing supplies paid for by Medicare and we accept Medicare assignment. In addition, we support Private Insurance, Major Medical and Group Health Insurance Plans; we accept most plans in all 50 states with the exception of HMO's.

The American diabetes website includes free diabetes information, a free diabetes profile to see if you qualify for free diabetes supplies, free diabetes diet and nutrition tips as well as diabetes weight management advice,

American Diabetes Services has a free form on their website about how you can qualify for free diabetic testing supplies and receive a booklet containing free diabetes recipes. To request American Diabetes Services, and to complete a free online form to see if you qualify for low cost or free diabetic supplies visit, or call toll free at 1-800-933-8085 to compete a free application over the phone.

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