Sasha Xarrian’s Outrageous Mastery Manuscripts Released Worldwide

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Sasha Xarrian’s System of Outrageous Mastery provides access to the Power Tools, Skills and Confidence to allow people to live the Life of their Dreams.

Sasha Xarrian always knew there was a higher purpose for living the life she lived and she always knew she would one day write about it. It wasn’t until the recent worldwide release of her Outrageous Mastery manuscripts, however, that she realized just how powerful her system of powerful creation through the use of Faith Technology would be in lives beyond her own.

“The response since the debut and release of the manuscripts has been overwhelming,” says Xarrian. “I always knew the system worked so powerfully for me in my life but it wasn’t until I started receiving thousands of letters from my readers that I became aware of just how powerful this system of Faith Technology really is.”

For those who have tried to reach the higher levels of their life in their career, health, relationships, spiritual life, etc, through various means and have yet to reach those levels of success desired, Xarrian says the Outrageous Mastery manuscripts essentially provide the ‘road map’ to get there, using a technique she refers to as Faith Technology.

“In developing the Outrageous Mastery principles over the last 30 years, I discovered that people are looking, as I was, for a system to use our faith – faith in a Higher Power or faith in oneself - more powerfully. A system that was universal in practice ... universal for Christians, Muslims, Jews, Buddhists, Agnostics, Athiests ... those who are spiritual, those who aren't ... universal for ALL, no matter their belief system, “says Xarrian.

The true test of the power of Outrageous Mastery reveals itself every day from the letters and testaments Xarrian receives from her readers.

“As I began reading, I started to feel my personal power grow, even from the very first pages… (it’s) opened my world and my vision in a way that I did not even know was possible,” stated Donna Pisani, author of The Greatest Moment of Your Life. “I was stuck in my business and really did not know how to create abundance, especially in the way I wanted. The power I now have, thanks to (Sasha), is generating infinite opportunities to receive “quantum income”. This really works! It is happening as I speak. Additionally, I have seen the quality of my relationships with my teenaged children improve. I did not know how to achieve that before. AMAZING!!!”

The results people are finding in their own lives fill Sasha’s mailbox every day …

“My first test was with a troublesome health issue that I have suffered from for many years: diabetes,” stated Mary Turner, PhD, author and Doctor of Microbial Genetics working on the cure for Aids. “For months, my blood sugar has been extremely elevated. Using (Sasha’s) example, I decided to heal myself in one week! Trusting completely in the universe and my ability to heal, my blood sugar dropped dramatically in 3 days!! I FEEL GREAT! I am also attracting and creating wealth and abundance in other areas of my life. By opening myself to the universal powers, wondrous opportunities are coming to me. Sasha, this OUTRAGEOUS MASTERY really works! Like you say in the book, “If you don't believe me, try it for yourself.” I tried it. I will continue to use it because I know it works. This research scientist is satisfied and wants to learn more. Thank you for sharing your journey. Your principles work.”

The Outrageous Mastery manuscripts are a trio of work that Sasha Xarrian has taken 30 years of her own life to develop. They take the reader through the history and struggles of her own life and how she began to develop this powerful methodology to create real change in her life, using faith technology. The reader is then given the tools and techniques in order to create change in their own lives.

Later this year, Xarrian will begin her speaking tour, addressing the many audiences around the country who are looking to hear more from this author.

Currently in the works is the first compilation of real life results from those already using Outrageous Mastery in their lives. A new website,, is also set for completion for Feb.28/06 which will provide readers with access to forum boards and more personal communication with Sasha as well as a calendar of events (live and online) and oppportunities to become more involved with Sasha's ongoing work.

The Outrageous Mastery manuscripts are available here

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About Sasha Xarrian - Sasha was a Mormon, born and raised in Utah. She attended Brigham Young University, was married in the Salt Lake City, Utah LDS Temple at age 19. She married a returned Mormon missionary who had served a 2 1/2 year mission in Germany and proceeded to have 7 children in 9 years - all in her 20's.

At a turning point in her life, Sasha left her 'High Priest' husband and the Mormon Church, taking sole custody of her 6 living children.

Sasha held some of the highest positions in the Mormon Church that could be held by women. As a Mormon, she spoke to hundreds and thousands continually. She was held up as the ideal young woman and the ideal mother.

Find out why Sasha left . . . the courage it took . . . and why the telling of her story and the sharing of her priceless powerful system has the potential to change lives.

copyright 2006 Outrageous Mastery, All Rights Reserved

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