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Anger pervades our society from road rage, on-the-job-sabotage, rape, murder, child abuse, domestic abuse, war, and in many other ways. has a solution: The Better Behavior Wheel. Consider the top Meander story today: Grisly Search For Body Of Missing Mom In Mysterious Valley. Had there been anger management in place in the lives detailed in this story, this might not even be a headline, today. is a godsend for many families. The site offers hope - a solution to problems with kids from age four to teens who are angry, defiant, poor students, disobedient, have a habit of using foul language, and more. Consider the story below, which might not even be in the headlines today, had the solution (The Better Behavior Wheel, available at been in the homes of those involved in this heinous crime.

The Story of Danice Day, And The Grisly Search For This Young Mom:

Monte Vista, CO - A tent, lit on the inside, was the scene Saturday night revealing the silouettes of investigators. Shadows falling on the sides of the tent portrayed a grisly scene, with shovel-weilding figures, bending and sifting through what might be human remains, and filling bags with their findings. Officials announced that an investigation into the fate of Danice Day, missing since January of 2002, had been renewed at an empty lot, site of an old Skelly gas station in the small, normally quiet town of Monte Vista in the southernmost area of Colorado, following a tip they received from an unnamed source.

The reward offered has increased for information leading to the arrest of individuals involved in her disappearance. A reward that has gone unclaimed. A billboard calling for help in finding Day was erected on Highway 285, ironically, near where Braun moved his business (which is no longer there), and also near the location of the execution-style murder of Bill Beeman, the owner of a tractor dealership many years ago (a case that is still unsolved.) That case is only one of reportedly more than sixty unsolved murder cases in the San Luis Valley.

Justice can be elusive, but, one way or another, eventually it is rendered. Danice Day's parents, family members, and friends await that day, with memories of their laughing girl with dancing eyes still very much alive in their hearts, as this case continues.

The previous story is featured today in Meanderings, Meander Magazine's newsletter.

It's sad that anger causes such tragic consequences. Children are our treasure. Life is our hope. Love is the key to a peaceful productive life. Please consider The Better Behavior Wheel to give your family or students a great platform from which to live a life of joy and peace. For just a tiny price, you can change your life.

Dianne James is the Publisher of, a family-oriented online news magazine based in the San Luis Valley of southern Colorado. Sign up today for Meanderings, the newsletter that helps you make life better. It's free, and it will bring you hope in a stressed-out life. As a news journalist for more than 30 years, James saw the Better Behavior Wheel as a miraculous tool for families, and ultimately for our society. Buy the Better Behavior Wheel at Meander Magazine's site, and enjoy a peaceful, joyful life with your children, students, and grandchildren.

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