Imperial Feng Shui Master Reveals The Three Most Important Prosperity Tips For Ushering In The Chinese New Year on January 29, 2006

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Kwai Lan Chan, Master Imperial Feng Shui Consultant, explains how to improve your luck during the Year Of The Dog.

There are other Feng Shui objects, like the fountain, that can be placed in the areas that will help attract luck.

Donald Trump, Steven Spielberg, and Bill Clinton should have plenty to growl about beginning January 29th, 2006. All three were born under the sign of the Dog and according to Chinese Astrology’s lunar calendar; the year of the Fire Dog will be a tough year full of changes in marriage, family, health, and career for all those born under this sign. Kwai Lan Chan, President of, reveals three Feng Shui methods that will help counterbalance these challenges, bringing prosperity and wealth during the new year.    

“The energy of fire is intense, meaning that there will be a lot of conflict throughout the year for everyone, not just for people born under the sign of the Dog,” says Kwai Lan Chan, a master of the ancient Chinese practice of Imperial Feng Shui formerly used by Emperors. “During a year of predicted turmoil, it is wise to incorporate Feng Shui methods that will create positive energy in your home and office.”

Imperial Feng Shui tradition teaches that, the energy changes every year during the Chinese New Year. According to Kwai Lan, individuals can make adjustments to bring prosperity, good health and harmony in an office or in a home by incorporating 3 Feng Shui principles; dissolving the energy of sickness or conflict within the atmosphere, strategically placing symbols of protection throughout the quarters, and enhancing the energy of prosperity.

During the year 2006, the negative energy that invites sickness into the home or office is located at the West and Southeast corner of the building. Kwai Lan says, “In order to disperse this energy, place seven copper pennies at these two sections of your home or office.” In China, the copper in the pennies are believed to dissolve the negative energy. Conflict energy is located at the center of a room, where the positive and negative energy meet. Kwai Lan’s suggestion for dissolving energy in this area is to add a red object, like a rug or lantern, to the area.

In the Chinese culture there are certain symbols that are believed to protect us from evil and misfortune. One symbol is a Pi Yao, which is a fierce-looking dog. Pi Yao is the symbol of courage and fierceness which protects against malignant spirits. Another beneficial symbol is the dragon. The Chinese dragon symbolizes power, perseverance, nobility and divinity. It helps protect people from the obstacles that people will encounter throughout the year.

“Incorporating these symbols in your décor or placing a Pi Yao dog or dragon figurine in the Southeast corner of your quarters will protect you from the intensity of negative energy that comes into your path during 2006,” says Kwai Lan. “Another way to protect yourself from negative energy is to place a turtle ornament in the trunk of your car.” The turtle symbolizes stability and protection in China and is believed to protect drivers from car accidents.

This year, the energy of prosperity will be concentrated on the North East section of your home. In order to amplify this energy, Kwai Lan says that it’s best to place a fountain in this location, which will help bring wealth to your home. Kwai Lan adds, “There are other Feng Shui objects, like the fountain, that can be placed in the areas that will help attract luck.” The area that will attract wealth this year is located at the North section of the house or office, the energy for promotions is located in the North West, and good relationship energy is in the East and South West.    

Kwai Lan Chan will be teaching Imperial Feng Shui Seminars for beginners or for the advanced levels during February 2006. To learn more about the Imperial Feng Shui methods, or for additional information on the seminars, contact Kwai Lan Chan

Kwai Lan Chan, President of, teaches Feng Shui seminars worldwide She is the only female Imperial Feng Shui master in the world to receive the knowledge of the Imperial Court Feng Shui, which was passed down from generations of masters in the Chan Clan. The Chan Clan once ruled ancient China. At the time of her birth, it was still commonplace for families to kill their female babies. Kwai Lan’s mother did not want to lose her daughter, so at birth Kwai Lan was dressed as a boy. No one knew, including her father, that she was a little girl. At the age of 4, her father began to pass down the Chan Clan Feng Shui secrets. When her father discovered two years later that Kwai Lan was a girl, he continued to train her to become a Feng Shui Master, keeping her concealed as a boy. Kwai Lan’s latest e-Book, “Cracking The Feng Shui Code 101” is a compilation of 10 years worth of Imperial Feng Shui tips for people to use in attracting wealth. She is an Associate Producer for the movie “Your Millionaire Mind” which is dedicated to help doctors and nurses become more successful. It will be released to theatres Spring, 2007. For additional information about Kwai Lan Chan, or upcoming films and books, please visit

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