Fat, Lies and Low Self-Esteem: The Truth about Diets the Diet Industry Doesn’t Want You to Know

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Educating the public that diets and pills are not the solution to weight loss. Announcing the launch of a revolution in self development, 'Tools To Life Guided Self Development Program.' Tools To Life offers individuals a real and permanent way to change behavior and achieve desired results.

Ninety-five percent off all people who go on a diet and lose weight regain the weight and more. Life Coach Devlyn Steele creator of http://www.lifecoachadvice.com points out, “The diet industry sets people up to fail with bad advice and lies, which lowers self-esteem by attacking a symptom not a cause.” Coach Steele insists, “We must steer people away from diets to solutions that cure the cause of weight.” Coach Steele has the solution with the upcoming Internet launch of the http://www.toolstolife.com/ Guided Self Development Program.

“The endless amount of bad advice and lies the diet industry feeds the public is shameless.” An exasperated Coach Steele tells us. “There are no food groups that create weight loss. Weight gain or loss results from the number of calories an individual consumes versus how many calories burned in a day, regardless of food group or type. The diet industry would have us eating field grass if we would buy it.”

When an individual fails at a diet, they blame themselves, not the strategy of the diet. This can have a devastating effect on self-esteem causing insecurity, desperation, and vulnerability. The diet industry capitalizes on this vulnerability to the tune of over $50 billion annually with a barrage of claims, some down right bizarre. The truth is, eating more cereal, for example, is not going to help you to lose weight.

The focus of diets is on losing weight, not changing behavior. Weight itself is a symptom. When one attains his or her weight goal with a crash, fad diet, their previous thinking patterns remain unchanged. Predictably, the individual falls back into old routines and soon returns to their previous weight, if not more. It is this seemingly endless cycle that the diet industry exploits for substantial profits.

The cause of weight is how an individual thinks about food, exercise and life style. The solution to helping people create permanent weight loss is to transform how individuals think about food and exercise.

Coach Steele is excited, “The technology of the Internet allows for a revolution in self development called ‘guided self development.’ In such, we are able to guide people to real behavioral change and create real and permanent results, including weight loss.” Coach Steele announces. “We are about to launch the Tools To Life Guided Self Development Program on the Internet. This program will help people reach their goals by changing their behavior permanently; giving individuals self control to create the changes they want and make them last.”

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