Single Mom of 6-Year-Old Tells Ford “Cut More Jobs, Make My Day”

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Bill Ford’s recent announcement that Ford Motor Company will close plants and lay off 30,000 workers, along with other plant closings by U.S. and Canada companies, could be doing a lot of people a favor according to certain personal wealth experts.

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Give me 8 minutes and let me ask 8 questions of any person, even someone who just lost their job, and I’ll expose them to a plan that could totally turn their financial life around and make them a millionaire.

San Francisco, CA (PRWEB) January 26, 2006. Some wealth building experts, like single mom Loral Langemeier, portend that America’s auto industry has been keeping many people poor, because factory workers think they can continually get by on a regular pay check and nothing else.

Langemeier, who is also known as “The Millionaire Maker”, openly shares her belief that the majority of car and other manufacturing workers are in constant financial jeopardy, not because they can’t earn good money, but because they have the false sense of security that comes with a steady hourly wage job. Credit cards, health care, and bad debt are eating their financial security alive, but that isn’t the main thing. Most union workers are vulnerable because their income only comes by trading dollars for hours, and there just aren’t enough of either to go around. This concept is a basic lesson also taught by Robert T. Kiyosaki, author of “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” about living in the “Rat Race.”

Langemeier is not new to dealing with job layoff problems; in fact, many of her clients come to her because of either losing a job or having serious debt problems; some are even on the brink of bankruptcy. In fact, she’s helped hundreds of people move from dead broke to millionaire, sometimes in as little as nine months.

In her new book, “The Millionaire Maker” Langemeier tells of a family of four from Oakland, California. Mary and Mike owned their home, but they had two sons in high school nearing college, a little savings, high credit card debt, and no financial plan for the future. To top it all off, Mary was about to lose her job. They were on the brink of ruin, so they decided to trust Langemeier’s strategy of using Wealth Cycles™ to turn their lazy assets into passive income. Soon they were able to turn their financial mess into a large family empire.

Langemeier says, “Give me 8 minutes and let me ask 8 questions of any person, even someone who just lost their job, and I’ll expose them to a plan that could totally turn their financial life around and make them a millionaire.” While bold, this one simple sentence exemplifies what every American needs to hear. Most successful individuals are those who have listened to the experts, and then turned their tragedy into triumph. They no longer have to work for their money, because their money will be working for them.

“The Millionaire Maker” has a new ‘team-based’ financial strategy that is the starting point for workers who want to learn the wealth building secrets of success that were never taught in school. This book covers many topics that are common sense to millionaires and news to the rest of the world. Some of these topics include:

  •     Eliminating bad debt while creating a consistent, diversified stream of cash
  •     Making money work by safely putting it into cash-producing investments
  •     Using business entities to cover the costs of owning a home, college, and retirement
  •     Creating wealth-building teams to become a “Team-Made Millionaire”

“Americans impacted by job loss have a lot more options than finding a new job” says Langemeier.

Langemeier has made available 3 Free Chapters of "The Millionaire Maker" (i.e. the chapters voted most popular by readers).


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