Prosperity Network (PAS) Introduces a Fresh New Approach to Internet Marketing

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Co-operative Marketing is proving to be one of the most innovative and effective marketing strategies being used to generate instant profits online.

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Chicago IL (PRWEB) January 27, 2006 -- The Prosperity Automated System eliminates the need for doing your own advertising, personal follow ups, personal selling, speaking to prospects, closing anyone or answering questions. None of the things that are usually involved with running a serious online network marketing or direct sales home business, simply because the company does it ALL for you, and you get paid directly to your bank account either $1100 or $3000 per sale depending on which system you choose, either $1995 or $3895.

Even though this system may sound to good to be true it is exactly what most people involved in a home business are looking for today. Upon researching the Company and its Associates, I found many success stories – and no failures. Some of the success stories I came across were absolutely amazing. For instance, there is a gentleman from the UK, who recently got started and the thought it was to good to be true as well, then he went on to make $125,000 in his first month.

The Prosperity Automated System on its own, uses the latest, most innovative search engine technology to produce these results. One particular team, however, has taken an “extra step” to ensure massive results, over and above what the system guarantees. Upon speaking to Che Bhagwandin, a former IT tech, I learned that a “Co-operative Effort” has driven his team to explosive sales.

Che has developed a “team rotator” site which he and members of his team pool their resources for the benefit of additional sales over and above what they would earn with the PAS system alone. February 2006 looks to be a VERY promising year for Che’s team, with sales of $10K to $30K EACH.

The Rotating website will equally disperse sales to each of Che’s team members, as per their level of entry into the co-op (either in $250, $500 or $1000 increments). The site itself will be spread throughout the internet under the superb Marketer’s eye of Che whose own sales of $ 80k+ since he started business September 2005, prove that this man knows how to market an incredible product.

So, what exactly IS PAS? The company’s founder and CEO is Bill Osterhout, a former fortune 500 company executive. Bill has been successfully involved in numerous business ventures since leaving his corporate position, including several online income opportunities. Unfortunately, Bill found that while he had the skills and motivation to succeed, the vast majority of others striking off on their own to build their online fortunes failed. Bill found one of the greatest points of failure for most attempting to earn income from home to be prospecting. “It is truly difficult to find the time or the stamina to talk with enough strangers to sort through all the “leads” to find real qualified buyers. Add to this the fact that most people have no desire to be thrust into a “sales” role, and we have a real problem. There is little mystery as to why success is so elusive”.

And so the Prosperity Automated System was born... The opportunity was launched in October of 2003, with a simple but very powerful purpose. That purpose is to totally eliminate each and every “failure” as Bill likes to refer to them. NO PROSPECTING, NO PHONE CALLS, NO SALES, NO ANSWERING QUESTIONS, NO TALKING WITH STRANGERS, NO PITCHING FRIENDS AND FAMILY, and the business owners STILL generate a great income.

And if you think it can’t possibly get any better – You’re WRONG. This business also comes with a 200% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. Bill Osterhout sums it up this way... “By enhancing this innovative business model with our powerful 200% Money Back Guarantee (in writing), we have created the perfect online business for new and experienced marketers alike”.

If you have been searching for the ultimate home based business, there is no question as to whether you should or shouldn’t join the Prosperity Automated System, the question is when? The new year is here – make it a great one.

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Tammy Visscher

Marketing Director

I.M.A.G.I.N.E. Consulting Inc.


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