Sir Knight's 'Revelation WWW is 666' Shows why Both 666 and 616 are Correct Marks of the Beast

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Sir Knight Daryl Breese was bestowed with title by the Roman Catholic Church November 5, 2005 in a closed ceremony in Visalia, California. Bishop Steinbock celebrated mass. The new book provides firm, objective evidence for multiple W's in the Language of God to be 616 or 666.

and in Hebrew, that’s Abod'don…

The upcoming date June 6th, 2006 can be written 6/6/6, I guess, but that is a simple example of the passion and desire people have for the “truth” about the mark and it’s Beast. Numbers repeat everywhere. That simple “truth” of the mark can be found in any Hebrew/Aramaic Concordance. Go to page twenty four in my book, “Revelation, http://www. Is 666” (616), or pick up a New American Exhaustive Concordance of The Bible Hebrew/Aramaic and Greek Dictionaries by Holman of Nashville Tennessee, 1981. Flip to page 1612, look in the top right corner, 8337A - multiple W’s are pronounced shesh, shishshah, with definitions including six, sixth, sixteen, sixty-six, and 666. Simple truth. 616 and 666 are correct translations of http://www.

Remember, the original parchment of the Book of Revelation by Saint John has never been found. However, some of the subsequent seven inspired transcribing efforts do exist. These lengthy, hand scribed copies of Revelation that went to the seven churches of Asia, were probably done by John’s students. It would have been nearly impossible for an 80 to 90 year old man to hand write the Apocalypse eight times, from an inkwell. Anyway, these copies showed very little conflict or controversy. Now to understand how two students could copy 616 and 666 and have them both be correct and inspired…the answer is simple, John put what he saw, when he was shown actual scenes of the future by an Angel, into his original record, that was http://www. To reaffirm this, look at it from the other direction of back translation. http://www. is the only answer possible that would allow 616 and 666 to have been translated correctly from any common source, ie. John's original missing parchment.

Worried because that is Hebrew? Don’t be! There were no sharp angled W’s in Greek, only rounded ones. Hebrew was the only way to record the mark. Yes, all of The Book of Revelation, except three words were in Semitic Koin¢e Greek. Saint John demonstrated his scholarly knowledge of Ancient Hebrew, also called the language of God, because it was used to write the Ten Commandments and most of the Old Testament, which John studied fervently. John specifically wrote, “and in Hebrew, that’s Abod'don…” also, “and in Hebrew a place called Armaged'don.” Do you think John would “mark” the Beast in a temporal language of man?

Two simple Hebrew words in the Scripture of God’s Word that “unlock” the wisdom and “key” to the third………WWW………. the Mark of the Beast!


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