TeamBuilders Announces New Edition of its Measurement and Accountability Tool

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Five Star TPI® Team Performance Indicator accurately measures attitudes at critical junctures; new version adds a number of new features.

TeamBuilders, a Tampa Bay-based performance development company, today announced a new edition of Five-Star TPI® Team Performance Indicator, an assessment instrument that allows clients to measure the effectiveness of their team performance programs.

The new version is the second edition FiveSTAR Team Performance Indicator, or “FiveSTAR Squared," according to Nick Conner, TeamBuilders’ vice president for program development and chief operating officer. The original version of the Five-Star TPI® Team Performance Indicator was introduced in mid-1999.

“This new version is not radically different from the original FiveSTAR, but it is more specific and more pinpointed,” Conner said. “It focuses on the five core competencies within any high performance team – role clarity, vision, communications, trust and problem solving.”

Conner said the new version also has the ability to focus on a particular team’s stage of development – the Dependency Stage, the Conflict Stage, the Cohesive Stage, the Interdependency Stage or the Self-Managed (or self-directed) Stage.

One major change, Conner said, is that TeamBuilders now will make the FiveSTAR product available free to all of its program clients. Until now, FiveSTAR has been an optional product available to clients at additional charge.

“We always tell clients that our sessions must be processes rather than events, and that good development programs must be measurable,” Conner said. “By making this new FiveSTAR version available to all of our clients, we are taking something that is qualitative (team building) and making it quantitative for all of our clients who partner with us.”

“Our clients can use FiveSTAR as a diagnostic tool before a TeamBuilders program, and then use it to track their team‘s performance after the session.”

FiveSTAR TPI® provides a success measurement capability that extends months and even years after the team building program has been completed.

“We originally developed the FiveSTAR TPI® because our clients urged us to come up with a way to measure the development of their people as a result of our programs,” Conner said. “Historically, team building has had an intangible quality to it. People would feel good after a team building program, but they would go back to business as usual and not really make the changes in their behavior necessary to improve their performance.”

the FiveSTAR TPI® works this way:

Each participant takes the Five Star TPI® assessment three times – once before the program begins, once immediately upon completion, and then again three to six months later. The first administration assists in the design of the program; then, by comparing results, TeamBuilders professionals can measure dynamics and stages of development and formulate a team profile that accurately portrays status and progress. The participants can take the assessment conveniently on-line through the TeamBuilders website ---

“The first application is a diagnostic,” said Conner. “It measures the dynamics and stages of the team’s current state. That gives us a baseline for such areas as communications, trust, conflict and problem-solving.”

TeamBuilders uses that baseline information in conjunction with an in-depth needs assessment and even participant interviews to develop a customized program that aims to address the issues and desired outcomes for its clients.

“For example, the first FiveSTAR TPI® results may reveal that the group scored low on communication ands trust and also had a low likelihood of conflict,” Conner said. “Such test results might indicate a high level of passive aggressive behavior in the group – a situation that may lead to lots of water cooler talk and triangulation instead of constructive confronting of problems and obstacles. We can then design a program that addresses those issues.”

Shortly after a session, a second round is rolled out which reveals the impact of the session. The results of both rounds of testing are shared with the team leaders and the group. Participants head home with a level of confidence that the group’s weaknesses have been identified and addressed, and with a performance plan in hand to move attitudes and outlooks in a positive direction.

A significant component of the FiveSTAR TPI® is the third roll-out, which takes place three, six, nine or even twelve months after the team building program has been completed. If the strategic action steps are being followed through, those final results should show a continued positive trend.

“We use the data from the FiveSTAR TPI®, along with data from an in-depth needs assessment, to design the team development or leadership development program for desired results and to track the team’s progress for its continued development,” Conner said. “That’s just what clients have been asking for – results-driven programs that let them see what they are investing their money in.”


ABOUT TEAMBUILDERS: Founded in 1998 and based in Tampa Bay, Fla., TeamBuilders is a leading performance development company which designs customized leadership, team and organizational performance development programs for groups of any size. The programs feature a combination of intellectual and interactive challenges, unique assessment tools and action planning sessions. Sessions are about doing different to do more. TeamBuilders has worked with organizations throughout the United States, Puerto Rico, Canada and Europe. It’s Mobile Learning Initiatives allow TeamBuilders to deliver programs at nearly any location in the country. For more information, call (727) 939-3606 or visit

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