Mick Star: American Expatriate Turned European Rock Music Phenom Returns To USA Via Internet

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Despite a rumored Bush White House blacklisting over Mick Star’s anti-war hit “Jets”, Mick Star’s Pop music is popping up on iPods and PCs across the USA.

How can you be in two places at once? Ask Mick Star, the American expatriate turned European Rock Music Phenom who, since his 2005 release of “Jets”, has been the rumored target of a Bush White House blacklisting. Despite the Bush White House control of the American press since the beginning of the Iraq war, Mick Star’s pop music (http://www.mickeystar.com) has begun to pop up on iPods and PCs all across the USA (and the world) while he continues to take professional refuge in Europe.

Bush White House Blacklisting of Mick Star.

Since the internet release and international wire service pick up of “Jets” by Mick Star in 2004, it has been rumored that the Bush White House has blacklisted all Mick Star music from American owned commercial and university radio stations as well as from American owned recording and publishing companies as punishment for Mick Star’s Iraq war dissent. And now, the claim of a rumored Bush White House blacklisting of Mick Star appears to have validity especially in light of the reported Bush White House illegal email and cell phone wiretapping of USA citizens for the past four years (New York Times) . But the rumored organized Bush White House effort to keep Mick Star out of the USA has been as ineffective as the Bush White House illegal assault on USA citizens’ phone conversations and emails.

Mick Star Is A Hit Abroad.

Downloading of all of Mick Star’s Pop Music has flourished in England, France, Spain and Germany due, in part, to the popularity of “Jets” but also in part, to the song writing and song production genius that is Mick Star. And now, USA citizens have begun to take notice of Mick Star, the greatest unknown singer/songwriter on everybody’s iPod.

Mick Star, originally from Oakford Creek, Pennsylvania, met and began to work with Philadelphia rock musician and producer, Jo-Jo Mann in the spring of 2004. After completing 3 CDs in 18 months (City Pop, Love Pop and Dark Pop) Mick Star left the USA unwilling to work in the USA under the rumored Bush White House blacklisting. Not surprisingly, Mick Star has since found friendly refuge in London, Paris, Rome and Barcelona and has gone back to working with Jo-Jo Mann from Europe to Philadelphia, USA, via online. They expect to complete the fourth Mick Star CD, tentatively entitled “Pennsyltucky Pop” in the summer of 2006.

Cracks In American Blacklisting Showing.

One American radio personality who asked to remain anoymous for business reasons, said, “Mick Star has more potential to upset more than just the Bush White House with songs like “Jets”. To his credit, Mick Star understands that he doesn’t need record companies, radio stations or any of the players in today’s Pop Music business to get his music on the iPods and PCs of people worldwide. All Mick Star, or anyone for that matter, needs today is a great pop music product. Digital basement studios and the internet have begun to do the rest and for a fraction of the cost. And I think the music recording industry is scared to death, literally, of what this means for their earnings and they (the recording industry) happily welcomes any help they can get from the Bush White House to keep Mick Star down and out.”

Mick Star And The New Music Business Paradigm.

It won’t be long before Mick Star, Jo-Jo Mann and creative recording artists like them start to pop up in media outlets too numerous for the Bush White House to control. Mick Star writes more than anti Iraq war songs. He writes in all pop genres and for all occasions. And working with the gifted rock musician/producer Jo-Jo Mann, Mick Star will leave his mark without the help of radio and record companies.

What did we ever do before the internet? One thing I know that we didn’t do was listen to Mick Star at http://www.mickeystar.com.

                                                                                             --MJF/January 2006/GDR


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