Trident Software Introduces Rapid-Pi, a Program That Makes Editing Mathematical Equations Faster

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Trident Software Pty Ltd is pleased to announce the availability of Rapid-Pi, an equation editing add-on for Microsoft Word. Rapid-Pi provides a new, faster way of creating and editing mathematical formulas and equations in documents.

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MELBOURNE, Australia Trident Software Pty Ltd is pleased to announce the availability of Rapid-Pi, an equation editing add-on for Microsoft Word. Rapid-Pi provides a new, faster way of creating and editing mathematical formulas and equations in documents.

Why not use Microsoft Equation Editor?

Microsoft Equation Editor (often referred to simply as "the Equation Editor") is an equation editing program that comes with Microsoft Word. Equation Editor supports a variety of mathematical symbols and is very easy to use. Unfortunately, editing math with the Equation Editor can become a highly time-consuming process for regular users.

Equation Editor requires users to go through toolbars and menus to insert symbols one by one, like beads on a string. Math teachers, students and others, who frequently create documents containing mathematical expressions, often find that writing math using the Equation Editor can be unacceptably slow.

Introducing Rapid-Pi

Rapid-Pi provides a new, faster way to input equations and formulas. Mathematical expressions can be entered as easy-to-understand text. For example, the user can type "(y+2)/x^2" to create a fraction containing "y + 2" in the numerator and x-squared in the denominator.

Rapid-Pi's text-based input is similar to that used by graphing calculators and so will be instantly familiar to most math students and teachers.

While Rapid-Pi's input method does require some initial learning, this investment will soon be paid off with ongoing time savings.

Easy to get started

Few people have time to read the User Manual. That's why Rapid-Pi comes with a short Getting Started Guide that covers the most common expressions and symbols and allows the user to start editing math with Rapid-Pi in as little as five minutes.

Rapid-Pi also has a symbols toolbar containing all symbols and expressions supported by Rapid-Pi. If a user needs to enter a particular symbol for the first time, the user can just click on the corresponding toolbar button and Rapid-Pi will insert the correct textual keyword for the symbol (for example, ".a" for lower-case alpha, ".int" for integral).

After using Rapid-Pi for a few hours, most users will find that they remember the keywords for commonly-used symbols and rarely need to rely on the toolbar. However, the toolbar remains available as a fallback option for occasions where the user forgets a keyword or needs to enter a symbol he or she has never used before.

Of course, Rapid-Pi also includes a comprehensive User Guide and a Symbols Reference, providing detailed information about all features and symbols supported by Raid-Pi.

Key Features

Rapid-Pi supports a wide range of mathematical symbols and expressions, including all symbols supported by the Equation Editor.

Rapid-Pi integrates with Microsoft Word (version 2000 or later), allowing users to insert a Rapid-Pi object into a Word document with one click.

Rapid-Pi also has an AutoSuggest facility which allows the user to quickly correct misspelled keywords. When a keyword is misspelled, Rapid-Pi underlines it with a red squiggly line. Right-clicking on the keyword displays a list of suggestions.

System Requirements

Rapid-Pi requires Microsoft Windows 2000 or Windows XP and integrates with Microsoft Word 2000 and later. Rapid-Pi can also be used with other word processing and editing applications.


Rapid-Pi is available in a number of license types to suit the needs and the budget of different users. All licenses include free technical support via e-mail and 12 months of upgrades. Prices start a $20 (US) for a Student License, while the Home / Small Office license is priced at $50 (US). A 30% Academic Discount is also available. More detailed information is provided at

A fully-functional 60-day evaluation version of Rapid-Pi can be downloaded from

About Trident Software

Based in Melbourne (Australia), Trident Software Pty Ltd is dedicated to providing quality software products and services at affordable prices to customers worldwide.

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Editors: A full version of Rapid-Pi is available upon request; screenshots of Rapid-Pi can viewed at

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