FLAVORx Asks, Is EQ Good For IQ? Research Shows Caffeine Improves Brain Power

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Despite its criticism, studies now show that caffeine consumption is a key to boosting brain power. Because of its stimulatory and energizing effects, caffeine improves attention and reasoning to help the brain to focus better on boring or repetitive tasks. EQ, the Smart Energy Drink, is a unique energy tablet that provides consumers with a safe and healthy boost that combines the powers of caffeine with essential vitamins and minerals. This innovative combination of ingredients allows consumers to achieve a greater level of energy with a lesser amount of caffeine.

Through the years, critics have erroneously linked caffeine to many negative health problems. But recent studies refute most of these claims, showing that the only scientifically-proven medical downside is that caffeine may lead to a temporary elevation in blood pressure. The latest reports from both Time magazine and CNN found that caffeine does in fact heighten mental performance. Caffeine has been shown to improve brain function and energy levels, the core elements needed to efficiently process and focus daily activities and problems. This is what we all had thought and wanted to hear. At least all of us who are Starbuck's junkies or fans of energy drink tablets like EQ, the unique and healthy twist on caffeinated energy drinks. FLAVORx, Inc. came up with the product as a healthy alternative to many energy drinks. EQ is the first-ever effervescent energy tablet in the U.S. that provides a quick boost of caffeine and essential vitamins and minerals to help you feel revived and rejuvenated day or night.    

So what's the discrepancy? Much of the early research linking caffeine to health problems failed to examine several different aspects associated with caffeine consumption. That is, researchers failed to ask about the caffeine-consumers habits and caffeine sources of those in these early studies. Upon further investigation, caffeine and coffee consumption seem to be linked to lifestyle decisions that could contribute to health problems. Researchers at the University of California- San Diego found that coffee drinkers are more likely to smoke, drink alcohol and consume high-fat diets than those who abstain from coffee. Therefore it is not the caffeine that is associated with health problems, but rather the lifestyle that commonly accompanies it. This is particularly true for cigarette smokers who get locked into a coffee and cigarette habit. Smoking causes caffeine to be metabolized more quickly and therefore smokers typically need more caffeine to feel the same effects as non-smokers.

Neuroscientists have discovered that caffeine modifies the activity of a certain molecule in the brain, adenosine. Doing so helps the brain and body fight off the classic signs of the nodding-head and heavy-eyelids associated with sleepiness. Furthermore, this increase in energy and activity triggers the release of adrenaline that helps focus the mind. Additionally, caffeine triggers the release of a brain molecule known as dopamine, which stimulates brain functions like attention, task management and concentration.

Moderate caffeine consumption for adults is considered to be 300mg, or roughly 3 cups of coffee per day. For older teens, doctors and nutritionists say 200mg a day, and for younger children 40-100mg per day is suggested. This level of consumption is recommended as an amount that offers a significant boost without an increased risk of caffeine dependency. So what does this mean for EQ consumers? With each tablet containing only 80mg of caffeine, some might think that the jolt just isn’t enough. But with a blend of essential vitamins, taurine (an amino acid derivative that enhances the effects of caffeine) and gingko biloba for memory retention, EQ consumers feel a greater effect of increased energy, alertness and brain function. The benefit of this energy blend is two-fold. On one end, consumers can consume less caffeine while still gaining the same stimulatory effects. In contrast, for even more of a boost, consumers can rest assured that guzzling even 3 EQ tablets per day is still well under the recommended level for moderate consumption. This is great news for many consumers who choose to use EQ once in the morning for a light lift, during mid-day for an afternoon pick-me-up and then again in the evening for an added zap of energy in preparation for the night’s plans. Each EQ is sugar free and each tablet contains only 5 calories. This is a drastic (and refreshing) difference from some well-known coffeehouse drinks that have as many as 580 calories. EQ provides further benefit to those watching their weight.

As a FLAVORx product, it is no surprise that the flexibility of EQ also offers a health advantage. By pairing EQ with a variety of juices and sports drinks, consumers are given the benefit of healthful liquids in conjunction with EQ’s energy and vitamin blend. The beauty of EQ lies in its consumer customization. Because people vary greatly in their tastes and sensitivities to caffeine, a larger quantity of EQ tablets can be used for a stronger taste and more of a kick or fewer EQ tablets can be used for a lighter more refreshing lift. It also pairs well with a variety of different beverages.

To receive a free brain-boosting and healthy dose of EQ, visit http://www.drinkeq.com for a complimentary sample.

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