Stazzon Announces Patent-Pending Do-Rag Designed To Stay On Motorcycle Riders’ Heads, Off The Highways, And Out Of Their Helmets

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Patent-pending, high performance do-rag designed for motorcycle riders stays on the wearer's head at high speeds and stays on the wearer's head when their motorcycle helmet is removed.

Stazzon, a company recently founded to manufacture and market high-performance and custom headwear for motorcycle riders, announced today the introduction of its first product, a patent-pending do-rag designed to stay on motorcycle riders’ heads when they are traveling at high speeds and when removing their helmets.

Joe Leguenec, inventor of the patent-pending do-rag and founder of Stazzon, stated that the high-performance headwear eliminates the long-standing frustrations of motorcycle riders who have worn traditional do-rags and had them fly off their heads at highway speeds, or slip off their heads every time they removed their helmets. “Do-rags have always had a lot going for them… they protect your scalp and neck from the elements and prevent “rat hair” at high speeds. If you wear a helmet, do-rags stop sweat, hair and oils from soiling its interior. Stazzon Do-rags look just like traditional do-rags, but they eliminate their downside— no matter how tight they’re tied, standard do-rags are always coming off,” said Leguenec.

According to Mr. Leguenec, the patent-pending design of the Stazzon Do-rag features an elastic band that is concealed inside the hem of the skullcap and attached at each end to do-rag “ties” that extend from inside the hem to the back of the do-rag and outward to match the appearance of a traditional do-rag. When the ties are pulled and tied, the elastic band comfortably contracts around the wearer’s head, securing the do-rag. The Stazzon Do-rag has been road tested to 135 mph. “Before I could tell riders that the Stazzon Do-rag would stay on their head at highway speeds, I had to make sure it did… I tied my prototype on, hopped on one of my bikes and hit the highway. I shut the bike down at 135 mph, so I don’t really know how fast you’d have to go before a Stazzon Do-rag comes off,” said Leguenec.

Unlike many of the do-rags on the market that are constructed of paper-thin fabric and machined overseas, Stazzon Do-rags are hand-sewn in the United States using only the highest quality cottons. The majority of Stazzon’s hand-selected fabrics are hand-dyed or one-of-a-kind batiks sewn in limited quantities to insure exclusivity of the Stazzon brand. In addition to limited production do-rags for men and women, Stazzon is the first company to offer custom do-rags to custom motorcycle owners— cotton do-rags that match the paint schemes of custom-painted bikes. Stazzon will also manufacture its patent-pending do-rags utilizing photographic or embroidered logos for motorcycle clubs, companies and event organizers. Stazzon Do-rags are currently available online and at a number of national and regional rallies. The company also plans to offer its products through a national network of select motorcycle dealerships and custom motorcycle manufacturers.

About Stazzon

Located in Austin, Texas, Stazzon was founded by motorcycle enthusiast Joe Leguenec, inventor of the patent-pending Stazzon Do-rag. Following the company’s “Made In America” philosophy, Stazzon is one of the few companies manufacturing do-rags in the United States. Stazzon hand-selects each of its fabrics from only the highest quality cottons and hand-sews do-rags from each fabric in very limited quantities; insuring its customers benefit from the exclusivity of the Stazzon brand. Stazzon features limited production do-rags for men and women, custom cotton do-rags for owners of custom-painted bikes and photographically reproduced or embroidered do-rags utilizing its patent-pending design for motorcycle clubs, companies and event organizers.


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