How To Become A Bestseller Without An Agent Or A Publisher, And Without Lying To Oprah Winfrey

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Oprah’s Book Club might guarantee an author like James Frey bestseller status, but it is not a resource open to most. The past few years have seen the development of a unique online book promotion system that is available to any author. In fact, since 2004, many bestsellers have been self-published and self-promoted.

Without their own agent, an author has only about a one in 15,000 chance of having their manuscript accepted by a major publishing firm. And although desktop publishing and print-on-demand technologies make it possible for any author to be published, actually selling a book is a far different problem.

Not that there isn’t still a multi-billion dollar a year book industry -- there certainly is. But short of a movie deal or a pre-established celebrity status, most authors will never actually make money on their books. In fact, according to Allen Greco, author of “The Book Publishing Industry”, in 1994 over 70 percent of total fiction sales came from just five authors: John Grisham, Tom Clancy, Danielle Steel, Michael Crichton, and Stephen King.

But there is evidence that times may be changing for the book-publishing world.

One system for online book promotions was organized by authors Randy Gilbert and Peggy McColl. Their program, Bestseller Mentoring, has already gotten the attention of celebrity authors and publishing firms, but it’s the self-published authors who’ve enjoyed some of its most impressive successes.

Since the first Bestseller Mentoring class at the end of 2004, they’ve helped numerous titles and topics reach online bestseller status, including such books as “The Disappearance of the Universe”, “Born a Healer”, and “How to Meditate with Your Dog.”

Randy Gilbert is himself the self-published author of “Success Bound.” Randy claims three main reasons why he chose the path of self-publishing. First, he knew it would be difficult to get a publisher to pick up his book as an unknown author. Second, he wanted to have final say over what went on the cover (a painting by his mother). And third, he wanted to learn how to promote books.

He studied what few resources on the subject were available at the time, and developed a strategy of online promotion. By anyone’s reckoning, it worked. On the morning of September 18, 2002, Randy’s book “Success Bound” had an online ranking on Amazon of approximately 63,000. On September 19, 2002, his ranking was #1 in self-improvement, and #5 overall. Amazon’s VP of marketing called him up that morning, bewildered and impressed by the 11,000% increase in sales over a 24-hour period. Very soon other people in the book industry were calling him as well. Randy’s life was about to change.

No longer an unknown, he could now use the moniker “best-selling author.” Where once it would have been next to impossible to get a major publishing house to even return his calls, suddenly they were calling him to compete for the rights to publish his next manuscript. He sold the foreign language rights for Chinese, Korean, and Finnish, and saw it reprinted in English for Nigeria. Now the question, people wondered, was could he do it again?

Fast forward to two years later. Randy had found a kindred spirit in the form of a Canadian woman named Peggy McColl. Unlike Randy’s system, which could bring an author onto the bestseller charts, her system helped self-published authors actually make good money by selling their books through their own websites, keeping the maximum possible profit for themselves. Her own book, “On Being the Creator of Your Own Destiny” not only tied in well with Randy’s passion for helping people improve their lives, but it also did over $38,000 in sales within the first 48 hours of being released, and all without an outside vendor taking half. Between them, Randy and Peggy had cracked the code to both fame and fortune for the self-published author, and they figured that together they could teach other people to do it too.

The major publishing firms have taken notice and are just now beginning to test the waters. McGraw Hill Publishing, for example has released Loral Langemeier’s “The Millionaire Maker” and is working together with Randy Gilbert to coordinate online and offline promotions of the book. Randy, in turn, has developed a publishing house-friendly version of his bestseller system. There is no doubt that effective online promotion will become standard publishing practice over the next few years. For now at least, Stephen King, Oprah, and J. K. Rowling aren’t the only ones who can put a book onto the best-seller lists.

For further information about Bestseller Mentoring, including testimonials, and a complete statement of the risk-free guarantee, or to register for the next class starting February 13, 2006, visit .

About Bestseller Mentoring

Bestseller Mentoring is an eight-week teleclass that includes home-study and coaching for authors who want to make their books bestsellers. The program is guaranteed. Randy Gilbert and Peggy McColl reserve the right to refuse clients based on quality or content of their material. Additionally, Randy and Peggy do occasionally manage the campaigns of individual consulting clients.


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