Harry Potter 7 – Then What?

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One of the greatest and most magical sagas since “Lord Of The Rings” is reaching its climactic ending. The whole world is asking – but what can I read next? Maybe we have the answer.

J K Rowling has inspired an entire generation of young readers to leave their video games and delve into books. This has prompted a veritable renaissance in the printed word and has encouraged a whole new raft of authors to put pen to paper, and a wealth of old favourites to become once more favoured bed time reading.

But once Harry’s last days at Hogwarts come to an end, the entire world will be looking for the next book to fill what will be a gaping void. It will need to be a book that will capture the magic of Harry, bring us to new realms of The Hobbit, have the fantastic characters of Narnia – but it must be fresh – something not yet seen.

In the past years too many books have tried to be too close to these classics, emulating them too closely and thus becoming pale comparisons. The real magic in any newly emerging champion will be that it holds the essence of the classics, the magic of the new - but is different.

One book seems to be rising above the rest as the natural heir to the Potter throne, and yes – it’s another British author. Nestled away in the corner of a small website is the independent book – “The Magic Islands.”

Slowly but surely fans have been finding the site and downloading the eBook version for free. The trickle has turned into a torrent and now over 100,000 copies have been downloaded – no big publicity machine – just good old-fashioned word of mouth.

Maybe this is why we think “The Magic Islands” will be the eventual holder of the crown, because hard-core fans are loving it.

So why is this book becoming so popular?

“I think it’s similar enough to books like Harry Potter,” say the author Steve Bell. “But it’s different enough as well. Something they haven’t read before.”

The book draws on the great Greek literature of “The Odyssey” by Homer, being set in the long ago written about Eolian Islands, off the north coast of Sicily. It is a classic adventure of good versus evil with a heavy dose of wizards, witches and monsters. It’s an adventure story, a love story, a drama and at the heart of it – Magic.

The first in a planned trilogy, the growing success of the book has even caught the author by surprise. “I placed the ebook on the website last year and though nothing more of it. Then I slowly started to get mails requesting information on the sequels. This has now become a storm in my inbox from eager fans. I was a bit surprised at the attention it was getting.”

The author has just re-released (January 2006) the book on Amazon at the demand of many fans that want a printed edition.

“The printed book is now available, but you will still be able to download it for free from the site,” promises the author. “I guess I’d better start work on the sequels.”

So with appetites hungry to get their teeth into the next magical adventure, we’re predicting that from the mass of magical mysteries – only one will claim the title as the heir to “Harry Potter” - we are betting it will be “The Magic Islands” by Steve Bell.

This book is available for free download at:



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